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Window Breaker
Dec 11, 2018

window breaker

The principle of broken window is: the thrust is generated by the outside beat, and then the window breaker device system is magnified hundreds of times to easily break the automobile glass. A suction cup in the middle is used to suck the glass, and then the glass is cut by a glass cutter to cut the glass and finally the glass is removed, so that people can escape through the window.

window breaker

The utility model is an auxiliary escape system device installed at the emergency window of a closed window design vehicle. In the event of an emergency or disaster, it causes the trigger to self-explode and smash the emergency window glass in one second by opening the control switch to escape. The system uses independent power supply, 24-hour self-test function of the central controller, fire-proof signal cables, fire-proof and waterproof triggers, in a variety of complex use environments to ensure the need for rapid evacuation and escape. Shenzhen buses have included their products in the standard configuration. Thousands of buses have been installed with automatic window breakers for three years. The red box on emergency window posts can be seen on buses in Shenzhen, which is very striking.

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