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Why Can't People Escape After A Car Falls Into The Water?
Dec 17, 2018

Nowadays, in order to go out, almost every household has its own car, but there are various problems when driving on the road. Recently, a car has fallen into the water. Unfortunately, there are no people in the car. In my lifetime, why can't people escape after the car falls into the water?


First of all, after the car fell into the water, it was not impossible to escape. Once the public security department conducted an experiment on this, a male driver in the car drove the car into the water. When the car just fell into the water, the parking space was very shallow. The door can be opened when the water level slowly rises to the general position of the door. At this time, the door is difficult to open; when the water inside the car is flat with the outside water, it can be easily opened. The result of this experiment is very shocking. The original door has a chance to open.


Secondly, if you go through a river or other place where you have water in the process of driving, you can open the window or skylight directly to prevent accidents. If you fall into the water, be sure to keep calm and not be too excited because the oxygen in the car is limited. If you breathe in a big mouth, you will suffocate without waiting for the door to open. If the front door does not open, you should quickly transfer to the back seat, because the front of the car is relatively heavy, the speed of the back will be slower, in the process of calm thinking to find a way.

Now, we recommend that you put a Fuseler window breaker in the car for the occasional need. Sticking the Fuseler window breaker to the upper right corner of the front windshield, in a critical moment, one second breaks the window to escape.


Finally, if you are worried that you can't swim and don't want to get out of the car, this idea is wrong, because the oxygen in the car is limited, and the weight of the car is hard to survive after sinking, but if you can seize the opportunity to keep calm from the car Come out and grab the floats to the surface of the water, there is still a chance to be rescued.

In general, everyone must do a safe driving job, do not drunk, do not fatigue driving, responsible for themselves and their families.

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