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[Media Report] Dongguan Bus Installation Site - It's Easy To Open Escape Passage In One Second
Dec 12, 2018


According to the Shenzhen Transport Commission, buses in Shenzhen are equipped with glass breakers to further ensure passenger safety. It is reported that the completion of the city's glass breaker installation, budgetary funds of 90 million. However, after installing the glass breaker, old people, children and girls can easily complete the action of broken windows. The glass breaker has been installed on Shenzhen buses. Passengers use the glass breaker and complete the window breaking action in about one second. It can be done by people with small strength, such as the elderly, children and women.

Shenzhen Municipal Government has included this project in the first batch of special funds for urban public safety in Shenzhen. Glass breaker equipment will cover all public transport vehicles in the city. The picture above shows the installation of FTH-PCQ-005, a one-second window breaker with Fossel intelligent alarm.

Intelligent alarm one second window breaker function:

1. Saving Life "Quick and Accurate"

2. Break the window in an instant and escape in an instant

3. Broken window 0 error

4. Easy to install and never lose

5. Automatically alarm, broken windows are safer

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