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Further - Auto Window Breaker Supplier
Dec 10, 2018


Further automobile automatic window breaker is newly developed to improve the safety performance of vehicles. It actively smashes the glass bursting equipment on the windows so that passengers can escape quickly from the windows under the urgent circumstances of fire and terrorist attacks. In the test bus, the author found that the window breaker is like a "reduced version of the active safety hammer", but the fixed-point equipment is on the bus window glass, instead of the same equipment as the safety hammer on the car wall next to the glass, and the control button is set on the exterior platform in front of the driver. At the test site, the bus driver demonstrated the blasting process of the automatic window breaker, followed by the driver gently pressing the red assembly start button on the outer side of the panel. Four windows with automatic window breaker in the bus broke out instantly, and passengers could escape from these windows quickly.

From the process of demonstration, the automatic window breaker has a great impact and can burst the glass in 1-3 seconds, but the glass will not burst in the form of eruption, but in the form of "atomization" to break the ground, so that passengers will not be injured. It is understood that at present, toughened glass is used in all side-shield glass of Kunming buses, and the window glass will not crack after being broken by a glass blaster, so it is suitable for this new skill.


The automatic window breaker is not only a switch operated by the driver, but also can move a switch on its body manually to achieve the same function of cracking glass. If the driver fails to start, the passenger only needs to pull out the safety bolt on the automatic window breaker, and then pat down the tail of the equipment. Within 2-5 seconds, the passenger can also smash the glass through the window breaker, so that the passenger has the exit space to escape immediately.

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