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Dongguan Vehicle Monitoring Video Recorder-Further Technology
Jan 07, 2019

Vehicle-mounted video recorders and vehicle-mounted surveillance machines, commonly known as vehicle-mounted traffic recorders, have infrared night vision function/motion detection function, video resolution 640 * 480 30 frames, directly powered by car cigarette lighters, with laser positioning lights, TV-OUT TV output, external insertion of TF card 1-32GB or SD card.


So how do you choose the manufacturer of on-board vehicle recorder?

The first category is professional research and development and production. These companies have fully developed their own design products, and have at least three years of experience in the development of automotive video recorders. These companies may have fewer products, but the product quality is reliable and customers can follow up many times. Technical support;

The second category is production and processing. These companies usually use public Board plans for production. Public board solutions are provided by chip manufacturers for the sale of chips. It is evolved from the function demo board. Generally, it only implements functions, and its stability is very difficult. To ensure that such enterprises reduce costs through mass production, but product quality and follow-up technical support are often unsatisfactory;

The third category is OEM manufacturers. These manufacturers buy products from other companies and sell them to their own brand. This technology is almost blank.

In addition, there is still a freak in the car DVR market. They usually make ordinary desktop DVRs. They just use ordinary DVRs as car DVRs to sell them. These products are not professional car video recorders. The manufacturer does not discuss it.

Product stability is a comprehensive factor. Unlike some manufacturers, it is important to design power supply, seismic design or file system. In fact, every point is very important. Any design defect will affect the stability of the product.

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