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Acting Million HD 4 Channel 4G Hard Disk Recorder
Dec 16, 2018

    HD 4G hard disk recorder agent parameters are for reference only, the actual is subject to.

Company information

     Dongguan Further Techtechnology Company Limited is a production company established on 2007-05-25. Based on the customer-oriented business philosophy, it mainly provides high-quality AHD4 4G hard disk car video recorder for the demand group. It is a trustworthy company. Security monitoring equipment. Company address: 3rd Floor, Building B, Xinyuan Building, No. 94, Tangxia Avenue.

Product Details

    Product Features: ◆ HIS solution, H.264 compression mode, multi-stream recording, providing 720P million HD video effects. Support 4 channels real-time 720P million AHD HD input / 4, 8 channels of standard definition camera input / 2 channels of HD + 2 road sign clear mixed input; ◆ Real-time HD video, video 720P / D1/HD1/CIF optional, frame rate quality Adjustable; ◆ Professional vehicle power supply design, 8-36V DC wide voltage input; overload / undervoltage / short circuit / reverse connection and other protection circuits, suitable for all kinds of vehicles; ◆ Provide 12VDC power output, can be camera, small screen Wait for a number of peripheral devices to supply constant voltage.

    About, supply a million high-definition video recorders, for the supply of millions of high-definition 4-channel 4G hard disk recorder manufacturers, car video recorders and more information waiting for you to see

    In order to meet the needs of the demand group, Fuzer Electronic Technology's main model FHD-DVR-E4 AHD4 road 4G hard disk car video recorder will be wholesale; retail; direct sales to sell, and provide land transport; water transport; road transport Transportation mode distribution products, customers who are interested in our security communication products can be assured to buy.


    Various products of Further Technology have been widely used and applied in many fields of security monitoring equipment industry and many projects, and have been unanimously recognized by many demand groups. In order to give back to the support of our customers, Fouzer Electronic Technology provides high-quality after-sales service for the supplied AHD4 4G hard disk car video recorder, and can enjoy high quality service while ensuring the use.


    Further Technology has a good brand image in the security communication industry. The main trading AHD4 4G hard disk car video recorder mainly has long-term video, voice recording, remote monitoring and control for image/voice, which is quite popular in Guangdong Province. sell like hot cakes. Pursuing product personalization, convenient use and humanized service is the goal of all Füssel electronic technology employees. It is a professional inspiration to capture the security pulse. Providing first-class products and providing all-round services to all employees will make you feel better. Comfortable.

   Since its establishment, Dongguan Fuzel Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been providing high quality AHD4 4G hard disk car video recorders for the needs of the masses. In the face of increasingly competitive markets, we are still striving to provide our customers with a wide range of quality services and products. In order to meet the growing needs of the demand group, we continue to track the development of high-tech, constantly enrich, improve ourselves, and face the market, providing users with mature and stable high-tech products and solutions, providing long-term, continuous and stable technical support and customer service. Our company address is 3rd Floor, Building B, Xinyuan Building, No. 94, Tangxia Avenue.

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