Zhengzhou campus security policy upgrade video surveillance video without dead angle full coverage
Jan 28, 2019

  According to the Henan Daily, on January 2, the Zhengzhou Municipal Government issued the “Notice on Further Implementing the Implementation Measures for the Construction of the Safety Risk Prevention and Control System for Primary and Secondary Schools in Zhengzhou City” (referred to as the “Notice”), and put forward specific requirements for ensuring student safety.   Security: 1 dormitory manager for every 150 students   The "Notice" requires that the school be fully equipped with full-time security personnel in accordance with relevant regulations. The security guards on duty shall, in accordance with the requirements of the “Regulations on the Administration of Security Services”, obtain the “Security Guard Card” and hold the certificate; at the age of age, the security personnel shall not be over 55 years old and have good physical and mental health and no disability.   In addition, the boarding school should be equipped with dormitory management personnel (under 55 years old) as needed, the ratio of dormitory management personnel to students is not less than 1:150, and training and management should be strengthened. That is to say, in the boarding school of 1,200 people, at least eight dormitory managers should be equipped.   In addition to full-time security personnel, the "Notice" requires schools to set up a comprehensive emergency response team with physical education teachers or young male teachers as the main force, responsible for the accident handling of the school, the work of emergency team members is included in the workload of the school, all relevant departments must The teachers engaged in safety education and the full-time safety vice-presidents are inclined to give priority to evaluation and evaluation of professional titles.   Requirements: The surveillance video in the school should be fully covered, no dead ends, high definition   The Notice requires that schools upgrade and renovate monitoring facilities to achieve full coverage, no dead ends, and high definition (video retention time of not less than 90 days).   Establish a lifelong responsibility system for campus engineering quality. All construction, survey, design, construction, and supervision units that have serious consequences in quality of campus projects will be investigated and restricted to enter relevant fields once they have verified their lifelong responsibilities.   In addition, if the security risk prevention and control mechanism is not perfect, the responsibility is not implemented, the staffing is not in place, and the facilities are imperfect, it is necessary to promptly notify and order rectification. Units with frequent school safety incidents shall also conduct interviews and be supervised in accordance with relevant regulations.

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