Why do you get a high-precision map to earn a pot in the field of unmanned vehicles?
Jan 17, 2019

With the development of driverless technology, high-precision maps have gradually become the target of all the big-eyed people. Some people say that whoever can win the driverless map market will earn a lot of money .

  Xiao Bian saw that some people commented on it. The high-precision map is not only a map, but also gives the unmanned vehicle God's perspective. This is why it is possible to earn a pot in the field of unmanned vehicles by taking the "high-precision map" , because no high-precision maps will be impossible to drive .

  The difference between high-precision map and traditional map

  Unlike traditional electronic maps, the main service target of high-precision electronic maps is the driverless car, or machine driver, to compensate for some of the judgments that the machine lacks in dealing with complex situations. Therefore, the high-precision map will contain a large amount of driving assistance information (such as the geometry of the road surface), rich semantic information (such as the location and type of traffic lights), and improve the speed and accuracy of identifying vehicles, pedestrians and unknown obstacles.

  In terms of the current level of driverless technology, the junior 3-level autopilot system does not require high-precision maps, and the more advanced autopilot system has better maps. Therefore, unmanned driving requires high-precision maps.

  High-precision map generation

  High-precision maps are essential for unmanned driving, so there is also a fierce competition in “mapping”, and investors who participate in this competition will take at least several years to return. This is an expensive test, because even if you take down every road in the world, you have to keep it updated.

  There are two research methods for driverless car maps. The first method is to create a complete HD map directly, so that the driverless car can navigate by itself; the other is to divide the map into pieces, let Cars improve the degree of automated driving step by step.

  The high-precision map is drawn by multiple sensors , including gyroscopes, wheel range finder, GPS, lidar, etc. to collect various information for deviation correction, and finally add new data to the map. At present, Google can be said to be the winner in the field of consumer digital maps, from which to continue to extend other businesses, of course, other companies are stepping up.

  Huaqiang Wisdom Network Conclusion

  Obviously, with the continuous development of autonomous driving technology, no matter which company becomes the preferred supplier of self-driving car maps, you can earn a lot of money. Therefore, it is foreseeable that the industry competition for autonomous driving maps will be very intense. But we also know that not all players can survive this competition. Whoever has a larger scale will have an advantage.

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