Which vehicles are necessary to install the car DVR
Jan 17, 2019

    In recent years, on-board hard disk video recorder function more perfect, but also increasingly from higher utilization rate, here's a look at the specific vehicle which is necessary to install Car DVR now!  

  Specific applications are:  
  Bus, long-distance bus  
  Ticket monitoring during driving, and monitoring of personnel behavior;  
  Audiovisual evidence is saved in the event of passenger injury, theft, robbery, etc.  
  The audiovisual data is proved after the traffic accident.  
  police car  
  Video recording of police officers' duty on duty is convenient for post-mortem analysis and proof;  
  Video recording of personnel, vehicles, etc. at the crime scene.  
  Logistics vehicle  
  Video surveillance of cargo loading, transportation and unloading process, anti-theft;  
  Money bank, fire truck, ambulance  
  Security and security monitoring, duty monitoring.  
  School bus, taxi, private car  
  Insurance claim proof, anti-theft, anti-grab.

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