What should I do if there is a fire in the bus?
Jan 09, 2019

After the driver discovers the fire, he quickly takes emergency measures, stops by the side, tightens the hand brake, turns off the power, opens the front and rear doors, and assists the flight attendants to evacuate the passengers. Then immediately dial 119, 110, tell the fire level of the fire, and leave a contact number...

In the event of an emergency, in addition to the front and rear doors for passengers to escape, there are two escape routes on the roof of each bus. When the bus is turned over, the roof escape route is equivalent to the door.

The operation method is very simple. Turn the red switch on the top slightly by 90 degrees, and then push the sunroof by hand and push it outwards to open it.

Next, some broken traffic on the crowded sections of the city will also be equipped with window breakers.

Two window breakers are mounted on the window glass. When an emergency occurs, the seal on the window breaker is taken down, the button is turned, and the button is gently pushed outwards. When the "beep" is heard, the tempered glass will be broken. An automatic window breaker will be installed in the future. When the situation is urgent, as long as the driver presses a button, the four glasses on the car will automatically blast.

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