What's the use of automobile safety hammer
Jan 11, 2019

Nowadays, every car in the street usually has a car safety hammer. What's the use of the car safety hammer?

Automobile safety hammer, also known as multi-functional safety hammer. It refers to a tool which is installed in a car and used to break the windows of the car to escape in case of an emergency or disaster. Nowadays, there are many brands of automobile safety hammer, and their functions and styles are also different. The hammer body is made of plastic, wood, steel and so on. The hammers are all metal heads.

Hold the hammer body and hit the corners and edges of glass with metal head. The middle part of tempered glass is the strongest and the corners and edges are the weakest. Therefore, it is more likely to escape by pounding on the corners and edges of glass.

For the window with film, the most correct thing is to stick it inside the window, because the film itself has tear strength, it is relatively easy to break the window inside.

Safety hammer, divided into two types according to its use, is used for private cars, and one is dedicated to buses (including buses, tourist cars and school buses).

Bus safety hammer is used in public places. There are many and miscellaneous floating people, long time to use, bad environment, crowded and chaotic emergency personnel and other effects. The requirements are much higher than traditional safety hammer. The national quality standard has not yet been issued, but the safety hammer of relevant enterprises, especially the golden point window breaker, is far higher than the industry standard.

Bus safety hammer should meet the following requirements:

1. Anti-theft;

2. Consciously break the window and finish in 10 seconds.

3. Both women and children can break windows successfully at one time.

Fire escape warning:

In case of fire, the scene must be evacuated in 30 seconds, otherwise it will be stunned by harmful gases and lose the chance of escape. According to fire statistics, 90% of the deaths were caused not by fire immediately, but by asphyxia leading to fainting and burning. The traditional safety hammer takes more than 20 seconds to break the window, which directly leads to the loss of escape opportunities.

The above is the use and use of automobile safety hammer, and so on. I hope you can quickly break windows with automobile safety hammer in case of fire, and do not delay the precious escape time.

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