What's the difference between automatic window breaker and automatic glass breaker?
Jan 06, 2019

The automatic window breaker is an escape device installed on the window, which can break the glass automatically, so that the passengers in the bus can escape quickly from the window in case of fire, terrorist attack and other emergencies. The so-called fully intelligent glass breaker, the premise is to have glass breaker equipment, and then by the central control system intelligent control of these glass breaker equipment, to achieve the desired management effect. Requirements for glass breaking equipment are also higher, such as material special requirements (drafting fire protection aspect): connecting wires need to reach a certain ignition point value to be subjected to damage instructions transmission or use wireless transmission to transmit instructions (shortcomings of wireless transmission: distance limitation), to ensure that the instructions issued by the central system can be transmitted to the equipment, the shell of the equipment has strong anti-attack ability and knots. To prevent accidental damage is the failure of glass breaking equipment. There is a backup independent power supply system to prevent the normal glass breaking effect of equipment in case of power failure. It should be easy to use in operation. It should also have manual control and actual environmental control to break glass. This can connect relevant triggers to the central controller, such as fire, when there is a fire. Low temperature temperature trigger, which detects the preset temperature, can also automatically break the glass itself before receiving the central instruction to break the glass.

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