What is the principle of the window breaker?
Jan 05, 2019

What is the principle of the window breaker? Are you making it? Then let's talk.


After the vehicle encounters an emergency, aim the safety hammer at the side window of the car and press its buttocks hard. The hidden striker will release, instantly crush the window glass, and then the needle will automatically return to the position, which can be used repeatedly like a ballpoint pen. However, because of the impact of the impact pin, it is best to use a magazine and other things to cushion when using it, so as not to be injured by broken glass. Exciting this button requires about 8 kilograms of power, and almost everyone can press it. 1. Hit the glass black head: To align the glass, press hard and press hard, you will hear a "click", the glass is broken, but the needle inside will bounce back when you stop using force, so you can't see it. The needle is exposed and the needle is still hidden inside. The design principle is for safer use, so that we are not easily injured.

Broken window principle

Use electromagnetic force to drive the high-pressure hammer to hit the corners of the window glass to break it.

Today, I have given everyone a general knowledge of what the principle of the window breaker is. Now everyone knows it.

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