What is the difference between an automatic window breaker and an automatic glass breaker?
Jan 09, 2019

The automatic window breaker is an escape device that is installed on the window to automatically hit the glass burst, so that the passengers can quickly escape from the window in an emergency such as a fire or a terrorist attack. The so-called all-intelligent glass breaker, the premise is to have broken glass equipment, and then the central control system intelligently control these broken glass equipment to achieve the desired management effect. The requirements for broken glass equipment are also higher, such as the special requirements of materials (proposed to be fire protection): the connecting wire must reach a certain ignition point value in order to be damaged by command transmission or use wireless transmission to transmit commands (wireless transmission disadvantage: distance limitation) To ensure that the commands issued by the central system can be transmitted to the equipment. The outer casing of the equipment has strong anti-strike capability and structure to prevent the damage of the broken glass equipment. The backup independent power supply system can prevent the power supply from being guaranteed. The normal glass breaking effect of the equipment is simple and easy to use. There are manual control and actual environmental control to break the glass. This can connect the relevant trigger to the central controller, such as a fire. There is a low temperature temperature trigger that detects the preset temperature and can automatically break the glass before receiving the glass break command.

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