What is the difference between Ali's layout of the automotive field and Baidu?
Jan 17, 2019

When it comes to the way of travel in the future, the first thing we think of is Baidu. After all, we have been on the latest unmanned technology rankings some time ago.

  In the future, smart cars and the travel market have already become a battleground for military strategists. BAT will never have only one participation. Baidu focuses on the autonomous driving technology platform, and Tencent prefers new energy vehicles. In contrast, Ali has always been very low-key. But some recent deeds, we can easily see that Ali's big game is about to surface.

 Rookie talent recruitment signs

  In the auto sector where the giants are arguing, Ali has no reason not to participate. Recently, it has been found that Alibaba's recruitment website has a number of posts related to “no one driving a rookie”, including: unmanned vision system development experts, unmanned SLAM and navigation algorithm experts, and unmanned system platform development engineers. Wait.

  In addition, there is also a doubt that the rookie network car engineer posted on the knowledge, revealing the rookie information to enter the driverless field.

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