What is the car camera installation method for car camera?
Jan 17, 2019

   Car camera as one of the safety devices in the car, many car owners will choose to install it, but in order to ensure the clarity of the car camera, in addition to the purchase of good quality products, car camera installation is also very important, then in the process of installing the car camera, What do we need to pay attention to?

       Car camera installation method
       1. First, the car is mainly removed from the power supply connection at the vehicle battery , and the removed connection is placed away from the electrode to prevent the power supply from being accidentally connected.
       2, then the car is mainly looking for the installation position of the car camera. The general car camera is mounted in the position of the license plate license plate light and installed in the hole.
       3. If the owner chooses to install the car camera in the position of the license plate license plate light, simply fix the camera to the position of the license plate lamp with the small screw provided in the camera accessory. Adjust the iron or gasket in the accessories to achieve the best reversing angle of the camera. This type of reversing camera is a popular one, with a more subtle appearance and easier installation.
       4. If the owner chooses to install the hole and insert it into the interior of the bumper, the advantage of this method is that there is no need to drill holes in the metal parts behind the car. Because the bumper is a plastic piece, the camera is also relatively easy to route. It is balanced with the rear surface of the car to prevent theft.
       5, the last line installation, first connect the camera with the rear reversing light power line; then connect the camera's video cable to the video extension cable; finally restore the battery power, start the car, hang up the reverse gear, you can on the car display I saw the reversing image on it.
       1. Although the owner has installed the on-board camera, it cannot rely solely on the reverse view system to reverse the vehicle, but can only be regarded as an auxiliary tool for reversing.
       2. When the owner is installing, be sure to confirm that the car display must be properly connected. If the display does not provide an AV input interface, you must find the corresponding video cable or install a video switching device so that the rear view image is displayed normally.
       3, do not easily connect the car electrical power directly to the car battery power supply, so as not to cause power instability.
       Tips: The above is the car camera installation method, the owner must pay attention to the installation steps when installing, to ensure their legitimate interests.

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