What is DVR monitoring system? Introduction of DVR monitoring system
Jan 10, 2019

In the late 1990s, after the introduction of DVR technology from Korea to China, domestic enterprises have made great progress in assembling, imitating and developing DVR products with independent intellectual property rights in a short period of time, and DVR has also led to the development of digital local monitoring system. The following edition gives you a brief introduction to the DVR monitoring system.

However, the DVR-based system is actually only a semi-digital system. The main principle of DVR technology is to use the high-speed data processing ability of computer to collect, process and store video, and use the high resolution of display to realize multi-screen display of image. Traditional analog DVR monitoring system uses DVR to store video information and display screen. In some security monitoring rooms, analog matrix is often used to switch the display of screen wall monitor on video through analog matrix.

The above is the introduction of DVR monitoring system. Traditional analog DVR monitoring system is relatively simple to install and debug, which is widely used in some small and medium-sized centralized monitoring systems. DVR mainly completes the digitization and storage of video signals. By switching matrix to analog video on TV wall display, good image effect can be achieved.

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