What is DVR Hard Disk Video Recorder? Introduction to Functional Characteristics of DVR Hard Disk Video Recorder
Jan 10, 2019

DVR hard disk recorder is widely used, and DVR hard disk recorder will be used in many fields. So what is a DVR? The following edition will introduce the functions and characteristics of DVR hard disk recorder and DVR hard disk recorder.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is a kind of digital video recorder. Compared with traditional analog video recorder, DVR uses hard disk to record, so it is often called hard disk recorder, also known as DVR. It is a computer system for image storage and processing. It has the functions of long-time video recording, recording, remote monitoring and control of image/voice.

Functions of DVR Hard Disk Video Recorder

The main functions of DVR include: surveillance function, video recording function, playback function, alarm function, control function, network function, password authorization function and work schedule function. It also includes the following functions:

Video storage

All DVR hard disk recorders can be connected to serial hard disks. Users can choose different sizes of hard disks according to their own video storage time.

Video view

DVR has BNC and VGA video output, which can be used in conjunction with TV, monitor, computer display and other display devices. Some manufacturers integrate the display screen with the hard disk recorder.

Video viewing is divided into real-time video viewing and video playback.

Video management

All DVR manufacturers are equipped with centralized management software, which can be used to manage multiple DVR hard disk video recorders video image and video storage functions.

remote access

DVR hard disk video recorder can achieve remote access and mobile phone access through network settings. Let monitoring in the presence of a network, to achieve anytime, anywhere to view.

Characteristics of DVR Hard Disk Video Recorder

1. Realizing digital high-fidelity storage of analog programs can record and store analog audio and video programs which are widely disseminated and collected by individuals in an advanced digital way. One recording and repeated broadcasting will not cause any decline in quality.

2. A comprehensive input-output interface provides antenna/TV cable, AV terminal, S terminal input interface and AV terminal, S terminal output interface. It can record almost all TV programs and the output signals of other players and cameras, and connect with other audio-visual devices conveniently.

3. Various optional image recording levels provide three image quality recording levels for the same program source: high, medium and low. When the highest grade is selected, the quality of the produced image is close to that of DVD.

4. Large-capacity long-time program storage, scalable users can choose 20.4 GB, 40 GB or larger capacity hard disk for program storage.

5. With the advanced Timeshifting function, when you have to interrupt watching TV programs, users only need to press the Timeshifting key. Programs from the interruption time will be automatically saved. After dealing with the transaction, users can continue to watch programs from the interruption position without any sense of pause.

6. Perfect reservation recording/broadcasting function. Users are free to set the start time and length of the program. By editing and combining the scheduled program list, we can systematically record all kinds of discontinuous TV programs, including TV series.

7. Users of powerful network information home appliances Center can enjoy abundant online information through network communication interface, using DVR customized network browser, equipped with corresponding network resources.

8. Provide a convenient way to manage recorded programs. Users can organize and classify recorded programs according to recording time and types, and set bookmarks at their preferred locations.

9. Provide free play mode. Because of the fast and random storage of hard disk, when enjoying recorded and recorded programs, special effects can be played in more flexible ways than the current DVD player. The image is smoother when playing fast, and the detail resolution is higher when playing slowly.

The above is the introduction of the functions and characteristics of DVR hard disk recorder and DVR hard disk recorder.

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