What developments does a good market environment bring to VCRs?
Jan 08, 2019

For on-board monitoring, the biggest dilemma is the challenge of stability. The stability requirement of the equipment itself, as well as the response to high temperature or frequent vibration in the vehicle environment, are unavoidable problems of the vehicle monitoring and video equipment. With the gradual "correction" of vehicle monitoring applications, especially for the further demand of high-definition equipment and stability. The quality of VCRs is no longer measured by the role of "pilot".

Therefore, besides guaranteeing normal work in special environment, as an important monitoring terminal, how to improve the performance of the equipment is also an inevitable development requirement of the future vehicle monitoring storage equipment.

In the field of transportation, intelligent vehicle monitoring can use the vehicle as a mobile carrier. Mobile detection, object tracking and license plate recognition on the road are also another reliable statistical method for traffic flow or road condition.

Recently, many vehicle-mounted hard disk recorders have added intelligent modules for face detection and license plate recognition, which can analyze and process face information and license plate information. In the future, other intelligent modules will be added according to the needs of customers in different industries. However, how to achieve the linkage with the system and play its role more robustly is still the vehicle monitoring storage technology needs to be further improved.

In fact, for the management of intelligent cities, bus positioning is the research direction of many cities. At present, from the point of view of a single positioning function, today's positioning application is no longer a trouble. However, if we can combine positioning with real-time monitoring, it is actually a more cost-effective application.

Objectively speaking, on-board monitoring has become a trend of current monitoring expansion, which is an effective and irreversible application in both safe city and monitoring field. Therefore, it also puts forward higher requirements for hard disk video recorders. Although the application of on-board monitoring is still very preliminary and its functions are very limited, the application of this road is doomed to be long-term and broad.

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