Vehicle video surveillance helps travel safer and more widely in summer
Jan 08, 2019

Vehicle video surveillance is a new type of video surveillance equipment designed for the field of vehicle security. It uses embedded processor and embedded operating system, combines the latest H.264 audio and video compression/decompression technology in IT field, GPS global positioning technology, 4G wireless communication technology, USB communication technology, advanced vehicle power management technology, GIS geographic information technology, and is suitable for 24-hour monitoring of various types of vehicles. The product can transmit audio and video synchronization, global positioning and wireless audio and video in real time. At the same time, there are many interfaces reserved on the host computer. It can be connected with on-board devices such as vehicle display screen, IC truck airplane, signal priority control system, passenger flow statistics system, etc. Fully considering the expansion needs of users. The product features compact appearance, low power consumption, no noise, flexible and convenient installation, stable operation of the system, and can be widely used in public transport, long-distance passenger transport, tourist buses, logistics and freight, police law enforcement vehicles, trains, subway, ships, aircraft and other mobile vehicles.

According to the requirements of road transport safety, each road passenger transport enterprise should add video surveillance function in the self-built monitoring platform or the socialized satellite positioning system service provider enterprise monitoring platform, and implement dynamic monitoring of its passenger vehicles. Transportation enterprises can discover drivers'bad driving behavior in real time by video, standardize driving operation, real-time monitor drivers' illegal and illegal behaviors such as smoking, dialing mobile phones, speeding, overloading and fatigue driving in the process of vehicle operation, and store them as the basis for punishing drivers, and further strengthen the management of safety source if accidents occur. The storage video of the vehicle video terminal can be retrieved and judged, which is similar to the common "black box" on the aircraft.

As an important branch of video surveillance in security industry, on-board video surveillance system plays an important role in protecting passengers'safety and controlling passengers' speeding and overloading. Vehicle monitoring applications will be more and more widely used from the public transport industry to Volkswagen, and its market still has great potential.

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