Vehicle-mounted cameras are about to enter the new security needs!
Jan 08, 2019

In recent years, an obvious trend is that besides the traditional security business, the demand for video surveillance is constantly emerging. Among them, the automobile industry is the most obvious. Security industry is characterized by the need for new products to open the next growth cycle, smart cars will be a new strong growth point for cameras. The rise of smart cameras has led to the vigorous development of security video surveillance. However, with the introduction of smart cameras in China and around the world, the market growth will slow down. However, the vehicle camera industry has just entered its own growth period, and has its own obvious advantages.


Vehicle camera is the main visual sensor of ADAS system, and also the sensor with the most intelligent use of automobile. It plays an important role in automatic driving. Like human eyes, camera combined with image recognition technology can quickly identify vehicles, pedestrians and traffic signs, which can provide adequate environmental awareness protection for the current stage of automatic driving technology. By perceiving the road condition around the vehicle, ADAS functions such as forward collision warning, lane departure warning, pedestrian detection and automatic parking can be realized to improve driving safety. In the context of ADAS permeability improvement, vehicle-mounted cameras will continue to grow rapidly.

Vehicle cameras can be roughly divided into three categories: front-looking ADAS cameras, ring-looking cameras and cockpit built-in cameras. In terms of the number of usage, forward-looking ADAS can choose monocular, binocular and triple-eye cameras. AVM system is generally equipped with four wide-angle cameras. In the cockpit, one or two cameras are generally used for gesture recognition, fatigue monitoring and other functions.

Forward-looking camera can realize the core functions of ADAS active safety, such as lane departure warning, vehicle identification application, vehicle identification, pedestrian identification, road identification and so on. Its wide application is the hotspot of current development.

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