Vehicle Monitoring Brings More Convenient User Experience
Jan 08, 2019

Vehicle operation monitoring system has long been a key area in the development of intelligent public transport. Internationally, IVHS in the United States and VICS in Japan have realized the management and information service of intelligent public transport by establishing effective information communication between vehicles and roads.

In the context of science and technology, the transportation industry is undergoing unprecedented major transformation. Traditional manual scheduling, semi-automatic scheduling and pure GPS/BD scheduling will gradually be replaced by intelligent scheduling. The wide application of data mining technologies such as vehicle networking and OBD can not only change the function and informatization of vehicle-borne video terminals, form new industries, but also innovate transportation management and service modes, and play an important supporting role in the transformation and upgrading of transportation industry.

In the process of building intelligent transportation system, "high-definition" has become an inevitable trend of development. The whole video surveillance system has changed from "visible" video security system to "visible" high-definition networking system. Following the principle of "building for use, using for war", the system construction of "visible" intellectualized and business integrated application has begun.

HD technology is not only the application of a single HD technology, but also from the actual business application requirements of intelligent transportation, which can meet the needs of all urban control facing high-definition image quality. The control area of the whole city is in the complex and diverse application "ecological environment", so the construction of high-definition intelligent transportation system needs to choose appropriate solutions according to the different characteristics of different application scenarios. High-definition vehicle video is bound to be a development direction in the future.

In the management of storage system of vehicle terminal in the past, managers need to face different storage devices, and different manufacturers have different management interfaces, which makes it complicated and heavy for managers to understand the use status of each storage medium (capacity, load, etc.). Moreover, in the vehicle vibration environment, the traditional storage media hard disk is very vulnerable to damage, resulting in data loss, while cloud storage will not. If the hard disk is broken, data will automatically migrate to other hard disks, greatly reducing the workload of managers.

With the rapid development of technology, vehicle video surveillance system is also constantly developing, which brings more convenient experience for managers. Combined with the specific needs of the industry, we can create more intimate industry applications for users.

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