Vehicle DVR Monitoring and Purchasing Must See
Jan 10, 2019

Generally speaking, the evaluation of a vehicle-mounted DVR (MVR/MDR) system is mainly based on stability, shock resistance, heat resistance and miniaturization. However, depending on the model chosen by the user, the functions of the vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder are different. Vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorders should have the following basic functions:

1. Professional power supply design to adapt to the working environment of automotive power supply with large voltage fluctuation and large electric impulse impact.

2. Professional hard disk seismic design, lockable, mobile, provide convenient data backup function.

3. Embedded operating system, stable, not easy to crash, call fast start video.

4. Support multi-channel audio and video input for real-time surveillance and video recording.

5. Multi-mode video recording function (manual, timing, alarm linkage, dynamic detection) and fast query playback function.

6. It has the functions of video loss and dynamic detection and alarm.

7. Three-level user management mode, safe and reliable, high confidentiality.

8. Supports super-large capacity hard disks, without formatting, plug and play.

In addition to the basic functions mentioned above, the vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder should also have strong functional expansibility, and be able to provide different expansive functions according to the needs of users. According to the different models selected by users, our product supports the following extended functions:

Vehicle driving black gate function, recording vehicle driving process; GPS Global Satellite Positioning System and electronic map navigation function.

Real-time, two-way information wireless broadband transmission function to achieve remote real-time monitoring and scheduling management; car entertainment function, providing video and audio data playback function, can be used to play advertisements, entertainment programs on the car.

Let's first compare the three mainstream video signal processing and recording devices on the market:

All video signals are input to the vehicle-mounted hard disk recorder for processing. Video compression formats supported by the system vary according to the type of hard disk recorder selected by users. At present, the main video image compression formats on the market are: M-JPEG (moving JPEG image), MPEG1, MPEG2 and M PEG4.

The functions supported by VHDR include: compressing and recording video images as video files, randomly retrieving video files, previewing video files and backing up video files. (When previewing files, support fast forward and retreat of images.) It has black box function, cloud mirror control function, alarm function, and function expansion (entertainment program broadcast, advertisement broadcast, etc.).

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