Twelve Characteristics of Vehicle DVR
Jan 10, 2019

Vehicle-mounted DVR is a common good product. At the same time, this product also has twelve characteristics. Let's see.

1. Vehicle power supply guarantees stable operation in the wide voltage range of DC8V-32V, with DC12V output for camera operation;

2. Realize wireless remote image transmission and intelligent remote control.

3. Video playback has the highest definition up to DVD picture quality, guarantees full real-time, and can record audio and video synchronously.

4. The program segment locking function ensures that the video is not covered.

5. Bus voice station announcement function is optional.

6. Information options such as speed, steering and braking can be recorded, and route and license plate number can be input.

7. Search function by time and video segment number;

8. CD-ROM content can be directly copied to hard disk, hard disk content can also be directly copied to CD-ROM, convenient and fast;

9. Design of main board and veneer, anti-seismic treatment of chassis to ensure the effect of whole machine.

10. Special movable hard disk device, without any tools, can easily extract and install hard disk. To eliminate the previous use of computer hard disk heating, hard disk box loosening caused by the failure of IDE wires and power need to be transferred through the hard disk box;

11. Supports two hard disks with unlimited capacity.

12. Small size, easy to carry, is conducive to earthquake prevention.

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