Those things about vehicle video surveillance
Jan 09, 2019

I. Characteristics of Vehicle Video Monitoring

Real-time: Interactive communication between the vehicle terminal and the monitoring center through the 3G network, the host can transmit audio and video at any time independently or according to the instructions of the monitoring center.

Extension function: The motherboard has abundant extension interface, supporting various peripherals and many new functions.

Camera Unit: Four vehicle-mounted cameras, real-time video and audio synchronization of vehicles, to provide evidence for dispute resolution.

3G wireless video transmission: real-time transmission of the current situation in the vehicle to the control center.

Vehicle positioning and monitoring function: The terminal receives the current GPS positioning information of the vehicle in real time through the GPS receiving module, and sends positioning information to the center through 3G according to the set time according to different situations. The monitoring center can store the running track of the vehicle and the user can inquire at any time.

Remote download: remote wireless download of audio and video files, device parameters, easy maintenance, management and upgrading.

Power-saving mode: The terminal has a power-saving mode. After the vehicle is out of service for a certain time (according to the user's requirements), the terminal automatically enters the power-saving mode. In this mode, the terminal consumes little power.

2. Advantages of Vehicle Monitoring Equipment

1. Hard disk can't be shocked, which is generally accepted. It will be damaged after two shocks, and the amount of maintenance is very large. You need to repair it frequently. Hard disk video recorder's anti-seismic hard disk is far less than U disk. The principle of hard disk reading and writing data is to rotate 7200 revolutions a minute. The reading and writing head is as small as a needle, and its speed is like flying. Hard disk recorder can't adapt to the vibration of the car at all. Hard disk manufacturers rely on simplicity. It is impossible to simply add a few springs or rubber pads to the outside to solve the problem of hard disk shock-proof nature. The after-sale cost of hard disk recorders is very high, so the most developed passenger transport companies along the coast are replacing and not using them. The vehicle-mounted U-disk recorders do not have the problem of Vibration Affecting the work at all, and the quality is very stable, which reduces a large number of after-sales clothes to customers. Charges.

2. The U-disk is super strong and earthquake-proof. Important moments such as overturning can be recorded. Although the storage space is limited, managers are encouraged to view video and video in one day or two or three days to ensure strict management. They can monitor the activities of drivers and crew members at any time, and instantly find and deal with them.

3. The volume of hard disk is large, so the product will be bulky, bulky and calorific, resulting in instability of the machine.

4. The product storage medium is different, the collection of hard disk is quite troublesome (using U disk, a pocket can fill thousands of cars'data, and hard disk is using ordinary computer hard disk, usually several people carry baskets to collect, and accidentally dropped on the ground will be damaged, hundreds of yuan will be bought again)

5. The collection of U-disk is quite convenient and time-consuming. For example, if you have 100 cars, it will be reflected.

6. Adapt to different ambient temperatures (hard disk video recorders can not work properly at high and low temperatures, U disk video recorders can adapt to the climate environment anywhere in the country at - 40 C - 85 C, our products are still used in the areas of minus 25 degrees in the three northeastern provinces)

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