The voice of a security leaver
Jan 28, 2019

 After a few years, I finally made up my mind to leave the industry. I saw the contents of the public number pushed by Yushi yesterday. I felt more touched and talked about my feelings.   1. Leading the cakes of those New Year pictures is enough for me to go through the cold winter. To nine to nine, at any time, the past is a true portrayal. The habitual industry environment and the chicken soup that fuels the dream make people dare not have any extravagant hopes at the end of the year, but they cannot prevent the leaders from drawing the impulse of the cake. It’s been 17 years since a snow, like a cake that hasn’t been painted like these years. Sometimes young colleagues will inevitably vomit a few words, but they always hear the words of "people go, can move again", maybe the attitude is not wrong, but they forget the temperature that should be between people. ;   2. New technology is limited. In recent years, it has become a security traffic network. For example, a company leader is shaping the aura of his AI prodigy, although he still can't see the product after one year of financing. These seem to be unsatisfactory, but the current market and product pattern of the industry has taken shape. To get rid of the control of the media, we must expand the channels of communication, improve the KPI of the marketing department, learn the Internet to create the character IP, and the high-end mid-range of various media. The low-end interview is a pot of stew, but the user is not a younger brother and sister who is chasing stars. I don't give you more points because of your traffic. After all, we go out and others look at the products. There is nothing wrong with traffic thinking itself, but if traffic cannot be aggregated and there is a lack of containers (products and services), traffic will be lost;   3. AI company did not imagine a good gold. Although there is access to new technologies, a wave of brothers has begun to return to the traditional industry. Of course, the following may be just a microcosm. Leaders always like to go to the last round of financing, and then they will start to work hard. The plenary session before work, the brainstorming in the early morning, daily brainwashing, etc. will focus on a certain period of time. Let the days of lying down and counting money go. ;   4. As a member of a company that used to be AI+ security , I was very upset and couldn't explain clearly what my company is doing. Now there are a lot of media to help us sort out. For example, Shang Tang is an security alternative. It is regarded as an alternative to logistics, etc. Maybe someone will say tomorrow that a certain security company is not an alternative artificial intelligence enterprise. It doesn't matter if you can't say the truth, but it doesn't matter, because what AI companies need most is attention. Of course, some manuscripts do not dare to look at the respondents, and people are still modest and pragmatic;   5. It is a bit like a slogan to talk about it. In fact, this is not my intention. Since I have left the industry, I still let the past go.

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