The use of automatic glass breaker appears in Chongqing Civil Servant Examination
Jan 06, 2019

Background: On July 5, 2014, a bus arson occurred in Hangzhou. When the history of the bus arson in Hangzhou was not very clear, the news of the bus fire and explosion came from Guangzhou. In recent years, there have been many bus arson cases in Sichuan and several Southeast Coastal cities, but in 2014, Guiyang bus arson case on February 27 and Yibin bus arson case on May 12 have occurred one after another, which is the fourth. The incidents that endanger public safety caused by arson on public transport are spreading rapidly, spreading widely and influencing greatly. They are easy to impact social psychology, and they have repeatedly sounded the alarm of public safety.

Standard description of cause analysis: First, the density of personnel on the vehicle is high, and the safety equipment is virtual. There is basically no safety inspection for buses. Some safety factors often become accomplices of disaster spreading and expanding when accidents occur. Second, the mechanism of social psychological intervention is inadequate. Almost every case of arson on buses has the psychological problems of pessimism, pessimism, selfishness and anger. They attempt to retaliate against society by extreme means or expose their plight to arouse concern. While condemning and punishing such extreme behavior, we should also reflect on the inadequacies of intervention in today's social and psychological crisis. Third, frequent public security incidents reflect the public's relative lack of public security awareness. After the fire, most of the passengers on the bus lack the knowledge of escape, not only will they not use the life hammer, fire extinguishers and escape skylights on the bus, but no one will cover their mouth and nose after the fire. It is more common for the injured passengers to scream and inhale smoke, which leads to respiratory burns.

Countermeasure measures: To curb the occurrence of public security incidents from the source, we need to move forward and do a good job of prevention. First, we should increase investment in public security mechanisms and improve the hardware facilities. Strengthen the routine inspection of vehicles, add safety hammer, fire extinguisher and other equipment, install automatic glass breaker on all windows, widen the bus emergency evacuation channel, to a certain extent, can reduce the personal injury to passengers caused by emergencies. Secondly, we should gradually establish a sound psychological intervention mechanism for crisis, make effective use of trade unions and associations in street, town and neighborhood committees and other business entities to visit sensitive individuals and provide psychological counseling, so as to timely "detonate" all kinds of negative misanthropic feelings, and to some extent, improve the efficiency of eliminating potential safety hazards. Thirdly, we should strengthen the safety awareness of key departments, key personnel and citizens. Public participation is an important force in ensuring public safety. The government should play an important role actively. It should not only strengthen the propaganda and education of awareness of prevention and self-help, but also pay attention to the training of public safety skills and organize necessary emergency drills. The whole society should enhance the concept of disaster prevention and awareness of self-help and mutual assistance. Public places should be equipped with relevant security facilities and equipment. Public services and managers should not be on duty without safety training, and so on.

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