The following points should be paid attention to in public transport safety
Jan 05, 2019

As a professional high-tech enterprise in the field of public transport safety, Further Technology always pays attention to the development of the public transport industry. We hope that public transport will bring security and happiness to every citizen's friend.

Generally, we should strengthen the public's awareness of bus safety from the aspects of fire, car accident, health safety, theft and so on.

(1) Fire

Once a fire occurs, we should first see the situation and location of the fire, and then choose the method of escape and self-rescue. Use fire extinguishers correctly. After the driver presses the automatic window breaker, all the windows are broken instantly. At this time, don't run away in a crowded, noisy and orderly manner.

(2) Health and safety

No snacks, no pets, less travel during the epidemic, frequent hand washing, and wearing masks are all effective means. Do not touch the pull ring and armrest of the car with bare hands as far as possible. When you go home, you should take off your clothes, masks, gloves and other clothes that touch the outside world in time and hang them in the ventilation place to dry. At the same time, we should develop good hygienic habits of washing hands and changing clothes frequently, which will play a certain role in preventing various infectious diseases in cars.

(3) Traffic accidents

Don't shout when colliding. Close your lips and clench your teeth so as not to bite your tongue when colliding.

There is a great possibility of fire in a car collision, so as soon as the collision stops, everyone should try to get out of the car as soon as possible.

Before jumping out, make the necessary preparations: take off your seat belt, open the door, and hug your body in groups - head close to your chest, knees close together, elbows close to your chest, hands close to your ears, waist bend, and roll out of the car. You can roll with the tide and not fight hard with the ground.

(4) Prevent oneself from being stolen

Don't be rich in the car, don't sleep, so that the thieves can take advantage of it. When someone pushes you hard, you must pay attention to your pockets.

Our Fuzel Electronic Technology is a professional manufacturer of automatic window breakers. We hope that every citizen can travel safely by bus. We hope that our automatic window breakers will be popularized in more places.

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