The factors that should be considered when choosing DVR hard disk recorders are as follows:
Jan 07, 2019

When individual users choose DVR hard disk recorders, they will inevitably fall into some misunderstandings because they are not familiar with the functions and technical indicators of the products, such as paying attention to the price of the products, pursuing multi-function of the products and so on, and often ignoring the real advantages and disadvantages of the products.

We suggest that when choosing and purchasing electronic products, we should have a clear purpose: not blindly pursuing various high-tech indicators, after all, it is not the more functions, the higher the technicality, and it will be suitable for every user. We should choose the most suitable product according to our practical application needs, and the best one is the one that suits us. Next, let Xiaobian explain the factors that should be taken into account when buying DVR hard disk recorders.

First, whether the product performance can meet the requirements of the project.

Firstly, the application field of equipment should be determined. For example:

(1) Security monitoring projects. The project requires high requirements, complete functions of equipment, good network transmission function, slow video speed, and can also make better allocation of video resources to the most needed places through the linkage with sensors and mobile detection.

(2) Bank teller monitoring project. The project requires high video speed, each channel can reach more than 20 frames, and has the functions of real-time video, multi-channel audio and video synchronization. However, due to the huge workload of image processing, its network and other functions are relatively weak.

Warm reminder: DVR is a "one machine, multi-function" equipment, not "one machine, all-round". Usually users want a device to solve all the problems, but in fact, the current level of computer hardware and software technology, basically can not meet the requirements of users. Because the bus transmission speed, CPU processing speed and hard disk recording speed of the computer are limited, unless the supercomputer is used, it can not achieve simultaneous transmission, processing and recording so much data. As a result, the cost increases correspondingly, which may lead to unacceptable users. Therefore, different types of DVR equipment should be used in different types of projects, so as to effectively avoid the waste of cost or fail to show its operational effect.

2. Considering the Stability of DVR Equipment

Imagine, if the stability of DVR equipment is insufficient, how can it record all the processes of the monitoring scene, in case the important moments of the process are not recorded, and how to collect evidence afterwards? The stability of DVR is mainly considered from two aspects: hardware structure and software program. For example:

(1) Hardware structure:

DVR is mostly multi-input, the hardware can use multi-card or single-card mode, sometimes to improve product performance, but also increase the speed of video recording, will use multi-card mode. But this can easily lead to hardware conflicts, such as bank teller project equipment will have such problems. Generally speaking, the fewer acquisition cards are used, the better, because the single card mode has high integration and stability than the multi-card mode. In addition, the heat dissipation of the equipment needs to be considered.

(2) Software programs:

Software programs are very different from hardware structures. Software programming needs to be run and operated for a long time to verify, especially to pay special attention to the stability of hard disk recycling. The best thing about DVR is that it doesn't need to constantly replace the storage medium. It refreshes the hard disk constantly, clears the expired data, but saves the latest data. However, some DVRs often have problems in this process, which is often ignored by engineers or users.

Therefore, it is the simplest way to select products that have been widely used and well received by users.

Third, increase the cost of hard disk in time to expand storage capacity.

For some special projects, such as bank teller monitoring projects, the capacity of DVR hard disk can not be satisfied. Generally, this type of project requires 30 days of image preservation and at least 200 hours of video length. If we use eight channels to monitor DVR in real time, it is not enough to compress the image data of each frame, and it is difficult to say whether the image quality is acceptable.

In this case, it is recommended that additional hard disks be added to expand their storage capacity, which is particularly critical. Because the current cost of hard disk is relatively high, so the subsequent additional costs also need to be considered.

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