The bus will be fully equipped with auto-blasting windows in one second after breaking glass
Jan 06, 2019

The bus suddenly caught fire, the driver and passengers quickly started the glass breaker, and automatically blasted the windows in 3 seconds to escape the car safely! This is the scene seen in the public transport emergency evacuation exercise held at Futian Comprehensive Transportation Hub. According to reports, Shenzhen is experimenting with the promotion of fast and efficient glass breakers on buses, which are expected to be extended to all buses in the future.

A sharp metal needle is arranged on one side of the glass breaker facing the window glass for smashing the window glass. When passengers are in an emergency, they can break the glass by pulling the insurance pin and smashing it with a needle. Compared with the fire hammer, the glass breaker has the advantages of simple operation, high reliability and less effort. Children and the elderly can also break the glass quickly.

The head of the Municipal Public Transportation Bureau disclosed that the glass breaker has been used in some buses on a pilot basis and will be equipped on all buses in the future.

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