Teslaxi’s title of “safest car” was then beaten
Jan 17, 2019

Yesterday, Tesla official website said that in the newly released safety assessment of NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), Tesla ushered in the spring of life: Model 3 received a five-star safety rating in all categories and sub-categories, and The lowest probability of injury in all cars tested by NHTSA, the title of the safest car, and even the Model S and Model X also won the runner-up and runner-up of the safest models.

  In the collision test against the Audi A4 and the Lexus ES350, the Model 3 looked like it was blown up.

  Frontal collision

  Frontal collision is a big bogey for driving. Although there are airbags to protect the body, it may not be able to protect people under severe collision.

 In the comparison with the Audi A4, the Tesla Model 3's frontal collision resistance is slightly better. The Model 3's anti-collision buffer has a decelerating effect, and with the aid of the protection system, the damage to the front is lower than that of the Audi A4. The Model 3's airbag shape protects the driver's and passenger's head and actively adjusts the internal pressure of the front airbag through the vents. Tesla said on the official website that the five-star rating is not white, and these factors are the basis.

  Side bumper

  In the second round, there was a moment of confrontation between the Tesla Model 3 and the Lexus ES 350.

  Unlike the frontal impact, there is almost no space on the side of the car to arrange the collision zone. How do the two sides react to the high impact force?

  Compared with the Lexus on the right, the Model 3 on the left has a smaller deformation range, and the degree of deformation of the roof is more controllable. Tesla said that this side pillar structure can absorb more impact forces, Tesla has applied for a patent.

  Vehicle rollover

  The rollover accident has always been a road killer, not only will a car be damaged, but it may also endanger a large area around it.

  Tesla said that by placing heavy-duty battery packs and electric motors as close to the ground as possible, their models have a lower center of gravity in design, so it is less prone to rollover accidents.

  Even if the train is inadvertently tragedy, the Model 3's body structure can withstand more than four times its own weight of the roof extrusion load, NHTSA's standard is only to bear its own weight more than three times, Model 3 exceeds the task.

  Behind safety

  After Tesla sold and boasted on the official website, he also read the design ideas behind the high security performance.

  According to the official website, in addition to the design of the front and rear weight ratio close to 50:50, the extremely low polar moment of inertia of Model 3 is also an important factor to ensure safety.

  What is the polar moment of inertia? Wikipedia shows that the term is used to describe the amount of torsional deformation resistance of a cylindrical object with a constant cross-section and no obvious warping or out-of-plane deformation. In general terms, it refers to the steering resistance of the car. When the weight of the car is close to the center of gravity of the vehicle, the stability of the car body is better.

  Driver assistance system PK

  Although Tesla's official website strongly promoted the safety results given by NHTSA, the qubits felt that for the Model 3 with Autopilot built, its driving assistance system (ADAS) should also be considered within the overall safety considerations. .

  During the eleven short holidays of the past, the US Consumer Reports magazine released a driver assistance assessment to test the safety of four car manufacturers ADAS in five dimensions. The five dimensions are: automation and performance, ease of use, clear usage conditions, driver engagement, and vehicle emergency intervention when the driver does not respond.
The resulting ADAS safety is from high to low: General Cadillac Super Cruise, Tesla Autopilot, Nissan ProPilot Assist and Volvo's Pilot Assis.

  In terms of ADAS, the Consumer Report found that Tesla lost to Cadillac's Super Cruise and could not be called the king.


  Maske once set the goal of “making Model 3 the safest car ever,” and this wish seems to have come true. But the most secure statement was subsequently "faced"...

  In response to Tesla's safest statement, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said on Tuesday that this statement is beyond its scope of analysis.

  “Five stars are the highest level of safety a car can achieve. Therefore, there is no “safest” ranking of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in a five-star rated car,” the agency said.

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