Taxis are equipped with face recognition system, and HD vehicle video surveillance can give an alarm at one click.
Jan 08, 2019

Face Recognition System

After the taxi driver gets on the bus, he opens the system, chooses to log in, looks up at the camera in the rearview mirror, and voice prompts face recognition success, so that the meter can start charging. If you opt out of the login, or change to a non-car driver for face recognition, the meter will not work. Under the steering wheel, the black button can give an alarm with one button, which provides a guarantee for the driver's safety. After the background is confirmed by video, the headlight immediately displays the words "for help".


High Definition Vehicle Video Monitoring

By carrying high-definition digital cameras, remote visual supervision can be enhanced, driver and passenger safety can be improved, and reliable audio and video materials can be provided for ex post evidence collection. Binocular cameras hide behind the rearview mirror, leaving passengers free of restraint. After installing this terminal, I dare not do any small things in the car and can't hide it. Moreover, the device can't be broken, which hides the embarrassment of passengers. Taxis can also conduct service evaluation just like online taxis. Once passengers get on the bus, they can scan the driver's information, enter the evaluation system, evaluate and feedback the driver's service, and send it to the taxi supervision platform of the competent authorities. In terms of fare payment, we will support a variety of electronic means of payment, which can avoid all kinds of troubles of passengers using cash. In addition to cash payment, passengers can use WeChat, Alipay and so on.

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