Structure and Installation Process of Vehicle Video Recorder
Jan 05, 2019


The Structure and Device Flow of Vehicle Video Recorder

With the vigorous development of national economic reform and opening-up, China's bus passenger operation industry has also made rapid progress.

As a result, more and more problems have arisen on the back of the high-speed development of enterprises.

Frequent cases of robbery, greedy ticket payment of passengers, poor service attitude are frequently complained by passengers, and drivers violate the rules and regulations.

The endless emergence of traffic accidents and other phenomena has long plagued transport enterprises and the Ministry of Public Safety Management.

Door. However, the traditional manual inspection management mode is far from satisfying the management requirements of enterprises.

Video surveillance system came into being. Through the application of the system, transportation enterprises can have a lot of equipment.

Effectively supervise the operation of vehicles, and then substantially improve the earnings ability and service image of enterprises.

Compared with manual inspection, it has unparalleled advantages. It can run the whole process of the vehicle without leaving dead corners.

Supervising the crew of the division can not be relaxed for a moment. Together, it completely eliminates the interaction between the inspectors and the crew of the division.

The state of collusion seized. So whether the on-board monitoring system works smoothly and efficiently will directly affect the transportation enterprises.

Whether the inspection and handling operations can be carried out normally or not will have a great impact on the whole operation of the transport enterprise.

Then, how can we build a safe and effective vehicle monitoring system?

Analytical comparisons are made for reference by engineers and users, and then reductions can be made during the construction of the whole system.

It also lays a solid foundation for the stable operation of the system in the future.

1. Composition of Vehicle Monitoring Video System

Vehicle monitoring system consists of three parts in detail: absorption equipment, recording equipment and display equipment.

Absorbing equipment refers to a camera and a pickup used to absorb pictures and sound recorders.

It is a video recorder that records the pictures and sound data collected from the front end. The display device is a display device.

Video and sound for watching surveillance videos. Most transportation companies build on-board monitoring system

Timing is not required to install display equipment on the car. Video data is primarily used for business leaders and auditors.

It is not necessary for drivers and passengers to see what the inspectors can use. The detailed structure is as follows.

II. Selection of Equipment Suppliers

Vehicle monitoring system is different from general indoor monitoring. It is totally in a very bad working environment.

China's demand has triumphed over high-speed movement, high-frequency oscillation, dust, high temperature, high voltage fluctuation and so on.

All kinds of bad factors from outside. Any of these factors has not been dealt with properly.

It's all fatal, so choose a professional vehicle monitoring equipment manufacturer as your equipment supplier.

It's crucial. Because real professional manufacturers have been building on-board monitoring systems for many years now.

Very rich experience. Only with these experiences can we plan and create a real fit for stability in harsh environments.

Operating products can react quickly and handle problems even when the system presents problems.

Then give you a long and powerful guarantee.

So how do many businessmen choose? They can go through three processes. One look, two ask and three ask.


First look at the websites of enterprises to investigate. Generally, the real professional production enterprises only have the series of on-board monitoring.

There are many other products on the website besides vehicle monitoring products, such as indoor monitoring or burglar alarm.

As well as computer accessories and other products, you have to pay attention to such enterprises, because they are likely to only car.

As a supplementary business, on-board surveillance will not spend enough energy on on-board surveillance products.

Nowadays, few enterprises in the domestic security profession have the ability to go hand in hand with multiple product lines.

It is conceivable that the products they have developed will follow the direction of their profession toward high-quality and professional development.

Some companies will find that their competitiveness will become weaker and weaker. Later, it is likely that they will abandon on-board surveillance.

Then the follow-up service can hardly be well guaranteed.

Second, through exchanges with the salesmen of the enterprise, we can ask them more about the vehicle monitoring system.

The technical aspects of planning devices can be used to judge whether they are professional or not. If their sellers

Employees just keep telling you how cheap their products are, then you must pay attention to the good companies. 5734

Industry is relying on excellent product quality and quality after-sales service to win customers. Another is to inquire about enterprises.

The direction of its future development and some dynamic processes of new product development can understand the research and development capabilities of enterprises.

These are the needs of distributors and engineers who pay special attention to them, because this is related to whether the collaboration can be sustained or not.

Go ahead and whether the manufacturer can timely launch new products to satisfy customers'progressive needs and growth

Add new profit growth points.

This is a direct and important process. The first two processes understand what the enterprise looks like

Some things. This process is an intuitive assessment of the quality and function of the products produced by the enterprise.

Appearance, workmanship, structural planning, function and application of products

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