Skillful use of car GPS navigation 6 utility functions
Jan 17, 2019

User communication using coordinate values
  For GPS positioning, coordinates are the core data function. Generally, when we use the car GPS navigator, we rarely refer to the coordinate value option directly. Because the ordinary coordinate values are divided into longitude and latitude, there are nearly 20 digits, which is very inconvenient for our users to remember.
  In some handheld navigation products, coordinate values are often used for input. The new version of Kay LiDE navigation software comes with a K-code function. Don't underestimate this function. It uses its own encoding method to convert the long coordinate value into a 9-digit number and letter combination, so that we are even more It's easy to provide our current coordinate values to others.
  The latest version of Kay LiDE comes with K code function
  First of all, if user A is in one place and wants user B to be able to reach the same place, and they are all using Kay LiDE navigation software with K code function, then user A only needs to click the menu after the navigation device is positioned. The K code part on the above, and tell the user B the 9-digit code.
         K code converts the left side into a 9-digit code
  User-friendly communication
  Regardless of whether there is a point of interest near the destination, User B can find the location of User A directly on the navigator and perform custom destination navigation, which facilitates communication between the user and the user.
  Enter the K code directly to get the corresponding position
  Then even if the coordinate values are not converted, the longitude and latitude coordinates can achieve the same effect in the same coordinate system, and the K code simplifies it, which is convenient for the user.
  For users of handheld GPS navigators, the market is outdoors where there is no clear road indication. The understanding of the direction of the coordinates is especially important, although the users of car GPS navigators often forget the coordinates after the visualization of the map software. The value of the value, but have to say that the coordinate value is the soul data of the GPS when positioning.
    Two skill travel e-books
  Tourism e-books are the subject of categorizing the tourist routes and location of a certain block, including our information on eating, living, and traveling, and can be consulted when going to a certain place. In addition to being very useful for car navigation users who like to drive by themselves, it is also very useful for some non-navigation users.
  With the promotion of travel e-send e-books will be re-heated
  Generally for the navigator, the travel e-book only needs us to go directly to the relevant website to download, and then directly copy it to the navigator to use it. The overall operation is foolish. Generally, the friends who are familiar with the computer can complete the installation operation. .
  For non-navigation users, travel e-books, also known as road books, can be viewed on various travel websites, because with the corresponding time and other information, it is very convenient for students who like to travel. .
  With the development of the online function of the navigator, it is possible to interact with the content of these walking sharing websites in the road book in the future, which is more in line with the user's habits. Now, if you use such a function, you will be on the website yourself. Download it. The only downside is that the content of travel e-books is not professional enough and the number is small.
    Three use the Bluetooth function of GPS to answer the phone
  The rare car GPS navigator itself will have a Bluetooth function. After connecting via Bluetooth, the user can put the mobile phone product aside. If a call comes in, we can directly use the external voice of the navigator for hands-free. In this case, it is convenient to drive the car, which is a more practical function.
  The Bluetooth function connected to the navigator is very simple. You can click the corresponding function and then open the corresponding function on the mobile phone. After you remember, you only need to switch the Bluetooth function on the mobile phone to connect directly to the navigator. Still very convenient. Even some navigators can sync contacts, which makes it easier to use the phone features.
    Four GPS picture functions are multi-purpose
  Because most of the navigators are developed using Win CE system, under the support of the operating system, the navigator usually has some functions that need to be used every day. We are more common in picture browsing, media playback, document processing, etc. The basic application, in fact, these can be combined with our daily use of the navigator.
  Picture browsing seems to be just a function that allows the navigator to see the picture, but in fact, if you use this function properly, it can help us travel. To give a simple example, we can query the route and destination of our travel on the computer by copying the picture. If the corresponding location is not included on the navigator, or when the query is not good, we can use the route map. The screenshots are copied to the navigator, and the navigator's picture is browsed, and the navigation software is used to set the destination (or compare the destinations) to reduce the chance of traveling errors.
    Five GPS media playback features to pass the journey time
  The media playback function or the multimedia audio and video function can also be used to pass the time to passengers during long-distance driving, and many navigation products now support common media formats such as rmvb, which is convenient for us to play.
    Six GPS document processing functions to help you carry files with you
  The document processing function is also very worthwhile. We have some information when we travel, if it is necessary, we can save it as a document and copy it directly to the navigator. Then we can use the navigator to view it, such as contact information. Address and some considerations.
  The functions that come with the six navigators listed today are available on mainstream navigators. If you can take advantage of these features, you can actually help us travel, which is a very convenient feature. Of course, in addition to these functions, many functional car GPS navigators also have TMC real-time road conditions, online inquiries, TV functions, etc. These products are more expensive than mainstream products, and the user audience is relatively small, so I will not explain some of the use of these features here. I hope that you can use your ordinary navigation device to make the best use of it.

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