Shenzhen will install video surveillance system in the city's kindergartens
Jan 28, 2019

  In recent years, child abuse incidents in various places have stung people's sensitive nerves again and again. How to build a safety net for children in the park? The Municipal Education Bureau recently gave a reply to the representatives of the Municipal People's Congress that the city will promote the installation and upgrade of the safety monitoring system in the city's kindergartens, and the key area monitoring will also be connected with the public security department.   ● Advance kindergarten safety monitoring, full coverage, no dead ends   "Preventing child abuse incidents requires many efforts, and installing video surveillance in kindergartens is the most direct, fast and most effective way." Municipal People's Congress representative Hu Rong said that Shenzhen should comprehensively promote the installation of video surveillance in Shenzhen kindergartens. Children’s activities in kindergarten are open, transparent and safe.   The recommendations of the Municipal People's Congress representatives have received the attention of relevant departments. According to the Municipal Education Bureau, according to the unified deployment of the municipal government, the bureau took the lead in drafting the "Shenzhen Kindergarten Safety Monitoring System Construction Work Plan", and plans to comprehensively promote the installation and upgrade of the safety monitoring system in the city's kindergartens, and benchmark the country's current highest standards. To "full coverage, no dead ends." The program involves the coverage of the kindergarten monitoring system, the use and management of the monitoring system, the construction of the monitoring system, and the maintenance and management of the monitoring system. The program has been consulted and revised, and the city government will review it in the near future.   The city plans to gradually access the video of key areas in the kindergartens of the city to the public security video private network, to realize the public security organs' inspection of the security monitoring video in the key areas of the kindergarten, and to facilitate the service to detect the children's cases. At the same time, in order to use the intelligent means such as face recognition and abnormal behavior recognition technology in the next step , the early warning and prevention of illegal behaviors such as children and child abuse will be paved.   ● Real-time video surveillance for kindergarten class activities is not recommended   Kindergarten monitoring should be open to parents, so that parents can check the children's every move in the garden through online video. This is a controversial issue in the process of soliciting opinions.   Some parents agreed that this will not only prevent child abuse and other behaviors, but also let parents know about their children. There are also many kindergarten teachers and education experts who oppose this. They believe that the work of kindergarten teachers will be under great pressure, and teachers will bear a lot of pressure. It is easy for the original normal teaching to be overly questioned and disturbed by parents. Not conducive to the improvement of the overall educational effect.   City Board of Education said that in order to protect the safety of teachers and students in the garden and personal privacy, is not recommending online video monitoring of the kindergarten class activities. If the parents need to adjust the monitoring video of the class activities for special reasons, they should apply to the district education administrative department or the public security department, and they can be adjusted after approval.   ● Implementing the blacklist system for kindergarten teachers and staff   Some representatives also believe that the safety of kindergartens can not only rely on the camera , but the quality of kindergarten teachers is the key. According to the survey, the initial qualifications of 60% of the kindergarten teachers in Shenzhen are secondary school (vocational high) and below. How to improve the overall quality of the kindergarten team has become an urgent problem to be solved.   The Municipal Education Bureau stated that it will work with relevant departments to study the establishment of a pre-school education salary guarantee mechanism, and formulate new-type public parks and non-profit Pratt & Whitney Park full-time teachers' salaries, taking into account factors such as the city's publicly-run primary school teachers and the corresponding annual average social wages. The scope of guidance will promote the improvement of kindergarten remuneration packages and attract more high-quality talents to invest in pre-school education. According to the plan, the city will strive to achieve more than 90% of the college education in Pratt & Whitney in 2020.   The city will strengthen the construction of teachers' morality and style, implement the blacklist system for kindergarten staff in the city, and include the disabled personnel in the “blacklist” management as an important basis for the kindergarten to assess the employment of employees. 

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