Shenzhen Pacific Further Technology Store Opens
Jan 05, 2019


Dear customers and friends, our Pacific security pavement in Shenzhen is newly opened, and all the concessions and new products are constantly on the shelves. Our headquarters is Dongguan Further  Technology Co., Ltd. Further Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading high-tech product developer specializing in automatic window breaker, vehicle video recorder, unmanned ticket selling system and intelligent bus dispatching. The company integrates R&D, production and sales. The company has won the honor of China Double Software Enterprise, China High-tech Enterprise, China Top Ten Brands of Security Defense, China Ping An City Recommended Brand, China Wide Dongxin Enterprise, Shenzhen Security Vice President of China.

Company vision positioning: to make life safer in more than four wheels, to provide Chinese intelligent transportation video surveillance solutions and vehicle safety products for global customers, and to revitalize the Chinese brand.

In recent years, the company's products have won good reputation and reputation by virtue of excellent stability and excellent adaptability to the harsh working environment on board. They have won unanimous recognition and praise from users at home and abroad. They have also successfully owned more than 60% of the market share of "automatic window breaker and SD card video recorder on board" in mainland China. It has become the imitated object in the industry of vehicle safety products and guides the future development trend of China's vehicle industry. For example: Beijing Bus, Shanghai Bus, Guangzhou Bus, Shenzhen East Bus, Shenzhen West Bus, Dongguan Bus Companies, Shenzhen Baoluhua, Shenzhen Andao Group, Shenzhen Longyunfa Group, Shenzhen Changyun Group, Shenzhen Xinda Transport Group Corporation, Huizhou Bus, Huizhou Passenger Transport Company, Zunyi Bus, Gansu Bus, Liuyang Bus, Huangshi Bus, Hubei Daye Bus, Fujian Nanping Bus Group and other major passenger transport companies have operated quite successfully.

In the next five-year strategic plan, the company will focus on the development of multi-national production bases, global international brand sales network, a comprehensive new mode of cooperation. The Board of Directors of Further Technology Co., Ltd. also solemnly committed to foreign partners to make money first.

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