Self-rescue measures for bus fire
Jan 06, 2019

The arson and explosion of buses in Hangzhou and Guangzhou have once again aroused people's thinking about public transport safety. How to ensure travel safety has become a hot topic of social discussion and has become one of the hotspots of recent media reports. In this regard, this paper summarizes the public security and public transport departments in Xiamen and Chengdu, which have had bus arson cases, focusing on the public transport safety measures introduced and implemented in these two places, hoping to provide some experience for other places to learn from.

Sichuan Provincial Public Security Fire Brigade has developed the first fire-proof bus in China. The shape of fire-proof bus is the same as that of ordinary bus. The biggest difference is that fire-proof safety protection system is added to the bus, and nine sprinklers are installed in the middle of the roof. Fire-proof buses use efficient, green and environmentally friendly fire extinguishing agents, which are harmless, non-toxic, non-irritating and can quickly and effectively extinguish fire.

Chengdu summarizes the experience of dealing with "6.5" Bus Burning cases and interrupts the source of hazards from the system and management level

After the "6.5" Bus Burning case in Chengdu, Sichuan in 2009, Chengdu timely summarized and reflected on the causes of the case and the existing problems and loopholes, led by the Party Committee and the government, multi-sectoral linkage, from the system and management level, to comprehensively strengthen the control of dangerous sources of public transport.

"Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau, while investigating the"6.5"Bus Burning case, led by the municipal government, carried out a major safety inspection throughout the city, forming a report of potential safety hazards." Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau related person in charge of the introduction. Subsequently, the Chengdu Public Security Bureau, together with the Transportation Commission, security supervision and other departments, established a linkage mechanism for dealing with unexpected safety incidents. It clearly stipulated that when unexpected incidents occurred, the nearby street patrolmen and traffic policemen first rushed to the scene to rescue, protect the scene, coordinate the emergency health personnel to the scene, mobilize fire fighting, criminal police, traffic policemen, patrolmen, special police and local public security organs to deal with them.

In the aspect of strengthening the ability to find dangerous sources, Chengdu has focused on strengthening the construction of public transport security inspection and disposal team. After the "6.5" case, Chengdu openly recruited 1000 bus safety officers. After training, the public security organs allocated 58 key bus routes to the city by the bus group company to actively carry out safety precautions. Relevant departments have also posted and installed more than 1000 warning pictures on bus stop signs, waiting booths and advertising boxes of multi-purpose stations. At the same time, Chengdu Public Security Bureau, public security, anti-terrorism and other related police categories, and the municipal public security bureau's bus and Metro sub-bureau have conducted comprehensive safety education and training for more than 12,000 employees of the transit group company, so as to enhance their awareness of traffic safety, identify various inflammable and explosive items, highly toxic chemicals, control knives and other prohibited items, deal with emergencies on the spot, and deal with bus fire accidents, etc. Ability.

In order to further implement the normalized management of gas stations and their employees, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, in collaboration with the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, the Bureau of Industry and Commerce and other relevant departments, adhered to the working idea of "preventing incidents from happening and stopping them from happening", perfected the long-term and normalized system of the safety management of the sale of bulk gasoline in gas stations, and clearly demanded that the purchase information of bulk gasoline be reported to the local police stations for the record in time. It is strictly forbidden to sell bulk gasoline at refueling stations without video surveillance equipment, and basic work such as inspection and control of dangerous explosives and personnel in special industries should be strengthened. In addition, a reward system for reporting has been set up to reward the masses for discovering, reporting and stopping illegal and criminal acts that endanger public traffic safety, as well as providing valuable clues to public security organs, depending on the circumstances.

Launching social mass defense forces to improve emergency response capability

Xiamen Bus Group equips vehicles with various fire extinguishing equipment and automatic window breaker

Back on June 7, 2013, a "6.7" bus arson that shocked the whole country took place in Xiamen, killing more than 40 people, including arsonists. At that time, Xiamen Municipal Committee and Municipal Government took a number of measures to actively rectify the hidden dangers of public transport safety. Over the past year, Xiamen public security and public transport departments have introduced and adhered to the implementation of public transport safety measures. How effective is the implementation? What experiences are worth learning from?

Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau summed up these measures into four aspects, which achieved obvious results in the implementation process.

Firstly, we should mobilize social mass defense forces and pay attention to enhancing the emergency awareness of public transport emergencies in the whole society. Taking the departments of public security and fire protection as the leading role, we regularly organize various emergency drills to enhance the ability of emergency handling. We regularly and publicly organize various kinds of public transport safety crisis exercises in grassroots organizations such as communities and key parts of public transport such as large stations and docks. We also organize lectures on public transport safety education in schools, enterprises and communities to make more people grasp the right. Correct emergency rescue procedures and disposal skills; set up various warning signs and slogans to publicize relevant laws and regulations as well as the contents and procedures of emergency rescue in public transport personnel-intensive areas such as public transport vehicles, ships and large-scale transport stations and docks.

The second is to strengthen BRT bus station security inspection and improve bus emergency equipment. After the "6.7" bus arson, security measures were strengthened at BRT stations throughout the city. Security equipment and security inspectors were equipped at the platform entrance, and security personnel were also equipped on buses.

Thirdly, we should strengthen the training of bus drivers and improve their emergency response capabilities. Xiamen Public Security Bureau Public Transport Branch, together with the city's public transport group, will vigorously strengthen the training of drivers'awareness of prevention and ability to improve their ability to identify suspicious persons and goods. Especially in the course of emergencies,

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