‘See you later’ UAVs can also be used by traffic police to deal with traffic accidents.
Jan 17, 2019

"You are a driver of a certain car and a certain car. Here is the South Expenditure Team of the Tianjin Public Security Traffic Management Bureau. The road condition inspection, talking to you... Your accident scene, we have passed the unmanned aerial vehicle. The system has a complete acquisition."

  "If you are not injured, please make an OK gesture to me... and then immediately evacuate the scene of the accident."

  The above process was filmed by passers-by, and netizens were shocked!

  In response to traffic management departments, such as traffic accidents on the expressway, it is difficult for the traffic police to locate the accident site. The police car cannot be rushed to the scene at the first time. All can now use the drone to fly to the scene of the accident for timely delivery. Work, the first step in artificial intelligence is to let the drone automatically recognize and understand where the traffic accident actually occurred. When it patrols in the air, it will automatically signal to the traffic command department. .

  The artificially intelligent UAV and the current UAV technology system are widely used in today's UAVs to capture video and images back as a collection function, which is what has happened, and The intelligent drone can be patrolled in the air all the time. Once an abnormal congestion occurs, letting a timely combing or notification will avoid large-scale congestion. This is what artificial intelligence needs to do.

  At the scene of large traffic accidents and dangerous chemical spills, if the traditional information collection methods are used, the overall situation of the traffic accident scene cannot be photographed. The drone equipment is highly maneuverable and flexible, and can be used for aerial photography. It is conducive to accident site investigation and on-site rescue.

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