Safety hammers on buses also report theft and alarm
Jan 11, 2019

When I got home from a bus, I was startled by the sudden alarm. It was a passenger who knocked the safety hammer off the window and gave out the alarm. Looking at the passenger panicked to install the safety hammer, I thought that I had seen the post that the safety hammer had been stolen on the internet. With this type of safety hammer, it should not be stolen anymore! uuuuuuuuu The passenger was in a panic when he did not deliberately drop the safety hammer. If he had deliberately stolen the safety hammer, he would not have dared to steal it.

This new type of alarm safety hammer not only ensures the frequency of theft, but also guarantees the personal safety of passengers. It is an efficient invention to kill two birds with one stone.

Safety hammer, as its name implies, is a tool to ensure safety. If there is an emergency on the car, it will be used to break the glass to escape. The hammer itself is not worth a few money. But once there is a danger in the car, the hammer's role is far greater than its price, which may affect the safety of passengers in the car. Therefore, for the safety of others, more safety of yourself, please don't take the bus any more. The safety hammer on the bus was stolen.

At the same time, as passengers, we should work together to supervise. If someone steals a safety hammer, we must stop it in time.

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