Safety Hammer Doesn't Almighty Gold 30 Second Rule of Safety Escape
Jan 11, 2019

Last Saturday, Beijing was hit by an exceptionally heavy rain that it had not seen in 61 years. This rainstorm came suddenly, fiercely, and somewhat intriguing. Are we ready for the storm? Whether in mountainous or urban areas, in case of danger, in addition to waiting for rescue, the most critical thing is to remain calm and look for self-rescue methods. Gold 30 seconds self-rescue, maybe not passive waiting for rescue, the following edition summarizes several methods of self-rescue for you.

Men and women who escape in water have different driving windows

In the past two days, the method of driver's escape in water is called "hot search" by netizens. Because Beijing's concave overpasses are in the majority, and the drainage system appears to be "weak" after the heavy rainstorm, once the driver is involved in danger of passing under the overflowing overpass, once the fire is extinguished, it is not advisable to wait passively for rescue.

1. Quick judgment, leaving low-lying bridge section: If you encounter a situation similar to 7.21 torrential rain, the car should have the spirit of life-saving and financial sacrifice when it extinguishes under the bridge. When the water is not very deep, the car door can be opened with the help of instantaneous explosive force, and the personnel can be evacuated to higher terrain. Thirty seconds after the car goes out is very important, when all the power supply systems in the car will be short-circuited, so take advantage of the golden 30 seconds time, it is better to escape first.

2 calm and calm, quickly break the side window to escape: if the water level is too high, because the pressure inside and outside the car is too large to open the door normally, we need to treat calmly. According to the proportion of automobile design, the whole body will tilt forward and sink. At this time, you may as well pull out the headrest and use it to smash the side windows. If you miss the 30 seconds mentioned above, please hold on to the 30 seconds and pull out your life-saving straw with all your strength.

Men and women have different forces, either prying or smashing: or using the car headrest, girls can insert metal parts into the glass gap, using prying method to break the side window. Boys are relatively strong and can directly use the metal end of the pillow to hit the four corners of the side window.

Correct grip method: one hand holds a metal bracket, head pillow direction inward, vigorously wield another metal bracket to the lower corner of the window.

Friends who have seen the column "Survival on Desert Island" know that if the water has not passed through a part of the window, they should fasten their seat belts at the same time when the window is broken. The water flowing into the car in an instant will roll people away like a drum washing machine. In order to ensure that they are not far from the escape door, when the water pressure inside the car is balanced with the water pressure outside, they will release their seat belts. At this time, you can open the door directly to escape, but at this time, people are already underwater, holding their breath for only 30 seconds, swimming up the water. Tips do not know water friends or do not easily try.

Is the safety hammer reliable?

There is also a topic about underwater escape. After reading the online reports, many people go to supermarkets and online stores to buy safety escape hammers. Whether in floods or traffic accidents, how effective are safety hammers? It seems that different people have different opinions, experts: safety hammer smashes the glass most reliable; netizens: not so strong can not break at all.

Whether in the subway or bus safety hammer is very common, then, can the safety hammer break windows smoothly? It seems that we can see through such video screenshots. Test environment for road surface and according to individual strength will have different effects, but the small edition of the proposal to give everyone a pertinent suggestion, if you really want to be in case, it is better to directly prepare a most reliable broken window equipment.

Obviously, whether it is a safety hammer or a headrest, the probability of escape is not the same under different environmental tests and different forces. It's better to change to public transport when it's rainy. It's also a contribution to green travel.

How to Decide Highway Distress Areas with Higher Terrain

Especially on expressways, the reference of roadside is relatively single, so it is difficult to distinguish the height of the road surface. Previously, Xiaobian had known that the current road topography can be judged by marbles, but in case of extreme urgency, it seems a little too far-fetched to use marbles, so we might as well use coins to test. If the coin is standing up and the coin is rolling in the opposite direction, it can run in the opposite direction. If the situation is particularly urgent, Xiaobian suggests running in the middle of the road first. If the direction of the flow can be determined, then running in the opposite direction is not wrong.

Small water accumulation station on City Road on Road teeth

If it is a small area of water accumulation caused by urban roads, the first choice is to stand on the sidewalk safely: first, the terrain is higher; second, the well cover is less. Especially when not familiar with the urban road environment, pedestrians are advised to stand on the pavement when encountering a small area of water. At this time, do not easily wade across the road.

Pedestrians take shelter from rain

Since primary school, teachers have told us not to hide under trees, lamp poles and cell phones when it rains; so far, these "routine" safe self-help methods still need to be remembered. In addition, the pace of urban construction is accelerating. If there is heavy rain on the way out of work, pedestrians can take shelter in shopping malls, supermarkets and other places with higher terrain, and try not to use mobile phones, wireless notebooks and other equipment.

Consciousness of Worry Should Be Advanced

Whether it is an earthquake or a rainstorm, people always like to attribute these natural phenomena to the end of 2012. In fact, only by doing a good job of safety awareness, can we be in danger. When earthquakes occur frequently in the world, earthquake emergency kits become popular products on websites; and after a heavy rain, safety hammers become popular products on the internet, and many shopping malls are almost out of stock. It seems that no one can afford such purchasing power. The words are not rough, many escape time is not that we do not have the opportunity, but often in that hesitant moment missed the best opportunity to escape, gold 30 seconds, save your life and sacrifice your money is right.

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