Representatives appealed to buses to install automatic window glass Blasters
Jan 06, 2019

Proposal of the National People's Congress: It is suggested that the auto-blaster should be used according to the window glass on the bus.

Since the bus arson tragedy in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, in order to help passengers escape as soon as possible in an emergency and reduce the loss of life and property of the people, public transport departments and some tourist and passenger buses have installed "safety hammers" to facilitate passengers'self-rescue, which is commendable. However, due to the serious loss of the "safety hammer", some crew members had to fix the "safety hammer". This practice led to the "safety hammer" become deaf ears - ornaments. Once something happens, it's too late, or at least inconvenient, because it has to be removed first. It is not difficult to imagine that in that case, everyone is in a hurry, which means that "the more urgent the fire is, the less likely it is to catch fire", let alone that the moment of crisis is worth thousands of dollars. It is precisely because of this recognition, out of a high sense of responsibility for the people, in June 2013, Xiamen City Bus Group of Fujian Province decided to install "automatic glass breaker" on nearly 200 BRT vehicles in the city, provided that they were equipped with "safety hammer", and completed the work on time within a week, which was warmly praised by the people of the city. The "automatic glass breaker" is much simpler and more effective than the "safety hammer". "Safety hammer" requires someone to break around the window glass first, and then to crush the glass with their feet; while "automatic glass breaker" only requires the driver to press a button lightly in the driver's seat, the window will appear numerous cracks in an instant. Passengers only need to push with their hands, and the whole glass immediately "breaks apart"! Passengers can escape from these windows in the first place. In this way, we have won the most valuable time for everyone. In view of the great benefits of "automatic glass breaker", starting from the principle of people-oriented, it is especially recommended that:

1. Provincial Transportation Department should urge and guide the public transport system and enterprises such as tourism and passenger transport throughout the province to actively equip such "automatic glass breaker" which is easy to use in emergency situations and can win valuable time for passengers to escape, thereby reducing the loss of people's lives and property.

2. Install "automatic glass breaker" on the original "safety hammer" vehicle; Install "automatic glass breaker" directly on the original vehicle without "safety hammer".

3. We can communicate with automobile manufacturers through bus purchasing and other ways, strive to solve this problem from the design and production links, eliminate hidden safety hazards from the source, and save costs.

The Department of Transport responded:

You are aware of the proposal on the installation of "automatic glass breaker" for buses and buses presented at the second meeting of the 11th CPPCC. After research, the following replies are received:

1. Bus vehicles, like other road passenger transport vehicles, have corresponding technical standards. At present, there is no compulsory requirement to install "automatic glass breaker" in the national standards. It is understood that the provincial automobile manufacturing company has designed and manufactured "automatic glass breaker", customers buy vehicles, if necessary, can be installed with the vehicle.

Secondly, the safety requirements of bus and road passenger vehicles have been able to meet the evacuation requirements of passengers. In the new national standards for bus allocation, it has been clear that all bus vehicles use push-pull windows; in the road passenger vehicle safety requirements, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued in 2011 "Notice on Further Improving the Safety and Technical Performance of Large and Medium-sized Passenger and Freight Vehicles to Strengthen Vehicle" Management and Registration Management"(Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Joint Industries [2011] No. 2), has been clearly outlined. Highway buses and tourist buses with a length of more than 9 meters should have at least two passenger doors.

Since the arson case of Chengdu bus on June 5, 2009, our provincial bus company has reformed the push-pull windows of all-enclosed air-conditioned bus. Each car has four push-pull windows, which can meet the emergency requirements. All road passenger transport vehicles have been equipped with safety hammers and fire extinguishers as required. Vehicles over 9 meters have two doors, which can also fully meet the emergency requirements.

It is estimated that the evacuation time of passengers is usually less than half a minute to one minute when a vehicle is in fire, while the fire of a vehicle burns from the beginning to the large area, usually in about 10 minutes. Passengers can completely escape through the windows and doors. If there are extreme arson cases, even if the installation of "automatic glass breaker", it may not be able to play an evacuation effect.

3. Installation of "automatic glass breaker" may cause unexpected safety hazards. Buses and other road transport vehicles are public places. The quality of passengers is uneven. It is not excluded that people maliciously or unintentionally press the "automatic glass breaker" to break the glass of vehicles under normal conditions and increase potential safety hazards.

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