Real-time monitoring by mobile phone in driving school pushing remote monitoring system
Jan 08, 2019

Following the coach's instructions, driving the car back into the garage, the dialogue between the two sides can be heard clearly in the video. "Later, the driving test became more and more strict. I wanted to let my child get his driver's license quickly. Unexpectedly, his driving practice was always three days fishing and two days drying nets. I could only accompany him to the driving school to supervise on the spot." Ms. Liu said that she could not always accompany her every day. With this remote video surveillance system, if she wanted to know about her children's school car, she could only use her mobile phone.

Above the front windshield of a coach car, there is a small device shaped like a traffic recorder. Wang Yong, headmaster of Driving School of bus group, introduced that the device uses both internal and external cameras, which can simultaneously photograph the road condition before the car and the training situation inside the car, and transmit it to the network port in real time through wireless transmission system. The driving school and the family members of the students only need to use the mobile app software to view the situation in the car in real time.


The monitoring system will also play a supervisory role in regulating the teaching of coaches. In recent years, in the driving training industry, coaches'rude attitude towards students has frequently appeared, and coaches also have the phenomenon of eating Nakayak, and even individual male coaches have caused complaints from female students because of their improper behavior. With the video surveillance system, many training venues in bus driving schools can be integrated into real-time dynamic management, which will play an important role in improving the quality and ability of coaches and protecting the rights and interests of students.

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