Principle of Vehicle DVR Hard Disk Video Recorder
Jan 07, 2019

I. Application Scope of Vehicle-mounted Hard Disk Video Recorder

In the current transport industry, poor supervision often brings economic losses and credit losses to enterprises. For example, the contradictions and disputes between passengers and passengers often occur; the lack of service consciousness of passengers directly affects the company's image; the behavior of passengers'stopping, collecting money privately and not giving tickets, etc. greatly reduces the company's earnings. Installation of on-board closed-circuit surveillance video system can effectively monitor the situation in the car (passengers and passengers), effectively control the embezzlement of public funds, and check whether drivers violate rules and regulations, etc. It can effectively improve the quality of service, enhance economic benefits, enhance the competitiveness of road transport, and build brand enterprises with high management level and service quality.

The emergence of malignant events in vehicle public safety will seriously affect people's choice of bus routes. Especially the long-distance bus travels for a long time, is far away, and there are many people up and down. Criminal acts often occur. On the way, the vicious incidents such as car bandits and road tyrants stealing, robbery, hand-in-hand sheep and so on have a great impact. Criminals who commit crimes are not easy to find evidence, and it is quite difficult to handle cases without convincing evidence and mediation. Installation of closed-circuit video surveillance system can deter the occurrence of illegal acts and ensure the safety of personal and property of passengers and passengers. Video data can be used as criminal evidence to assist in investigation.

Specific applications include:

Buses, coaches

Ticket payment monitoring during driving and behavior monitoring of passengers;

When passengers are injured, burglaries, robberies and other accidents occur, audio-visual evidence shall be preserved.

Audio-visual evidence after a traffic accident.

Police car

Video recording of police officers'duty is kept to facilitate the analysis and proof afterwards.

Video recordings of people, vehicles, etc. at the scene of the crime.

Logistics Vehicle, Freight Vehicle

Video monitoring of cargo loading, transportation and unloading process, anti-theft;

Cash car, fire truck, ambulance

Safety and security monitoring, duty monitoring.

School Bus, Taxi, Private Car

Insurance claim proof, anti-theft, anti-robbery.

II. Working Principle of Vehicle-mounted Hard Disk Video Recorder

The embedded operating system is used in the DVR of Liyan Vehicle. The system is perfectly integrated with the operating system of the hard disk recorder. It directly calls the hardware, speeds up the reaction time, improves the running speed and reduces the unnecessary additional functions.

Different from ordinary security surveillance video recorders, all parts of the DVR are integrated on the main board. It has good adaptability to low-frequency vibration, dust and other harsh environments.

Riyan Vehicle DVR has high anti-virus performance. Because of the use of professional hardware and software, the data stored in the chip is read-only and not writable, and the software has very few accessory functions, so the virus can not be invaded.

In order to make a stable vehicle DVR, besides a stable operating system, the following problems must be solved:

Steady wide voltage, unstable voltage on the vehicle, accelerator, battery aging and other operations will affect the fluctuation of the voltage on the vehicle, the lowest can be up to 6V, the highest can be up to 70V. Vehicle DVR without ultra-strong and wide voltage can not work normally on the vehicle. It often appears dead, no video recording, serious burning motherboard, power supply board, video camera and even other equipment on the vehicle. Vertical Rock Vehicle DVR has done a lot of work in power processing. The machine can work normally from 7V to 40V, with stable 12V/4A voltage output for camera and vehicle display screen.

Professional anti-seismic treatment, the car mainly low-frequency vibration, most of the car to 20HZ-40HZ vibration.

Poor anti-seismic treatment will cause the problems of DVR crash, reboot, hard disk not working, video loss and so on. Vertical Rock Vehicle DVR has done a very professional processing in earthquake prevention, mainly from two aspects: First, hardware, hard disk and the whole machine shock-proof silicone rubber pad are their own open-die design, with low-frequency vibration resistance, the circuit board are welded non-plug, all wire joints are locked. Secondly, on the software side, the self-developed vehicle DVR software has MPFS (multiple protected file system) file system and high data error correction function.

Suitable for the mechanical structure of the car, the car environment is bad, heat dissipation, dust, waterproof, folding, pressure protection is a must consider. Washing the car may let water into other equipment on the car, drivers, conductors, passengers and other personnel break down the machine, smash, press and other damage, video recorder work generates a lot of heat, a lot of dust generated on the car, these problems will affect the normal work of the vehicle DVR, if any of these problems can not be very good and solve, it will be an unqualified DVR. Vehicle mounted DVR. According to the actual situation of the vehicle, a vehicle-mounted DVR chassis is designed for vertical rock vehicle. The chassis is made of solid steel plate, with no detachable reeling on the outside after locking, ventilation, heat dissipation and waterproofing on the front and back of louvers, all-aluminium profiles are used for the internal vehicle-mounted DVR shell, whirlpool vents are used for chimney piping effect, and aluminium plates are added to the main board to prevent dust and heat dissipation.

Convenient management, a large number of vehicles, a large number of video data per vehicle, if not easy to find, read, will cause users need a lot of people and time to manage. Video files of Liyan Vehicle DVR are compatible with FAT32 format. Data can be read directly on computer by hard disk reader. The name of video file is named by date and time plus license plate number. Vehicle license plate number, time, GPS information and date can be superimposed on video data to support CF card video and data copy.

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