One second automatic window breaker
Jan 05, 2019

The new design concept, using the tungsten steel nails imported from the United States as the core part of the hard material, will carry out the "one second" theory to the end, subverting the traditional safety hammer's new window breaker "one second automatic window breaker". It fixes the concept of "1 second" on the glass, using the mechanics principle, with a force of 2.0kg, a blow. It solves many defects of the traditional safety hammer and is a safe and simple effective window breaking product. It can be used not only by the elderly but also by women, even children.

The core tool used in the product is an alloy tool of 70HRC or higher. It will not rust even after long-term use, and it will not be blunt in the process of metal ducting. The tool adopts 65.5 degrees, which makes the window breaker have four majors. Features: 1. "Fast, accurate, and ambiguous": Instantly break the window and save lives; 2. Simple operation, broken window 0 error; 3. Easy to install, never lost;

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