Noun Explanation: What is Vehicle DVR, Its Principle and Application
Jan 07, 2019

With the development of transportation industry and communication industry, vehicle video surveillance system has gradually become the standard of taxis, buses and other public transport. Vehicle monitoring not only ensures the safety of passengers in the vehicle, but also provides strong evidence for some cases. Vehicle-mounted monitoring system also promotes the development of intelligent transportation. Therefore, vehicle-mounted DVR emerges as the times require.

1. What is Vehicle DVR:

Vehicle DVR belongs to the subdivision market of traditional embedded hard disk video recorders. It is a new special product developed with the application of digital video and audio coding technology in vehicles. It uses embedded processor and embedded operating system, combines the latest H.264 audio and video compression/decompression technology in IT field, GPS global positioning technology, 3G wireless communication technology, USB communication technology, advanced vehicle power management technology and GIS geographic information technology. This product is mainly used for 24-hour monitoring of various types of vehicles, including audio-video synchronous recording, global positioning, wireless real-time audio-video transmission, while reserving a variety of interfaces on the mainframe, which can be connected with on-board display screen, IC truck aircraft, signal priority control system, passenger flow statistics system and other on-board equipment. At present, the equipment has been widely used in public transport, long-distance passenger transport, school buses, engineering vehicles, container cars, tourist buses, logistics and freight transport, police law enforcement vehicles, trains, subway, ships, aircraft and other mobile vehicles.

2. Working Principle of Vehicle DVR:

Vehicle DVR mainly uses hard disk, U disk and SD card as storage mode at present. Compared with U disk, the reliability of U disk is higher.

(1) U-disk has no mechanical moving parts and low power consumption. It can be used on buses with severe bumps and poor power supply environment. On these vehicles, ordinary car-mounted hard disk video recorders simply can not work properly.

(2) It is convenient to transcribe data. By inserting the U disk directly into the computer USB interface, the video can be replayed and saved without the need for hard disk connectors, USB adapters and so on. The operation is simpler.

(3) The interface design of U-disk is more reliable than SD card because it is suitable for repeated plug-in and pull-out. SD card interface is an in-device interface, not suitable for frequent plug-in, otherwise the damage rate is quite high.

USB interface is an interface between devices. It is specially designed for data exchange between devices. Whether the electrical, physical or mechanical properties of the interface, it is suitable for long-term data exchange between devices.

3. Hot applications:

(1) Personal consumer electronics market: NVR installation is simple, easy to use, can help users easily install a network monitoring system without the help of engineers, and with the improvement of living standards and the popularity of broadband, this demand will increase;

(2) Large-scale and decentralized surveillance areas, such as road surveillance: NVR has a high cost advantage over optical fibers;

(3) Enterprises, supermarkets, Internet cafes and other small applications: With the rapid development of the NVR market and the need to manage a large number of video signals and video data storage, the development of intelligent analysis technology has been promoted. At present, the analysis software is becoming increasingly complex and accurate, so it will be widely used in NVR, such as identification and analysis of customer purchase patterns, identification of criminals, monitoring. Specific objectives of unattended public places, etc.

(4) Real estate is one of the most popular industries in recent years. For example, the construction and maintenance of some office buildings have brought a lot of business opportunities to security. Users in these areas pay more attention to the cost-effectiveness of products and tend to accept PC-based DVR with large routes.

At present, some mainstream DVR manufacturers are also watching the formation of the home user market. With the growing maturity of network conditions, the application of small video surveillance system in home users is also worth looking forward to. From the product structure, functional requirements, cost and other aspects, the home user market has special requirements. According to Zhu Hongzhan of Hanbang Hi-Tech, like some household users who may need to operate relatively simple products, the more foolish the better, the function does not need to be too complex, and the small number of low-cost paths can meet the needs. Some users may hope that DVR has the functions of recording TV programs, alarming automatically, monitoring mobile phones and so on. The system can be networked, but at the same time, it also pays attention to protecting privacy and security.

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