Necessary Conditions and Main Functions of HD Vehicle Video Surveillance DVR
Jan 07, 2019

Vehicle video surveillance is a new type of video surveillance equipment specially designed for the field of vehicle security. The product can carry out audio and video synchronous recording, global positioning, wireless audio and video real-time transmission, while reserving a variety of interfaces on the host, and can also be connected with on-board equipment such as vehicle display screen, IC truck carrier, signal priority control system, passenger flow statistics system, to fully meet the expansion needs of different users. The product has been widely used in public transport, long-distance passenger transport, tourist buses, logistics and freight transport, police law enforcement vehicles, trains, subway, ships, aircraft and other mobile vehicles. Next, let's know what conditions and functions DVR has for on-board video surveillance.

1. Necessary conditions:

The emergence of vehicle video surveillance video recorders has effectively solved many puzzles of vehicle management departments. Vehicle-mounted digital hard disk recorder is installed on mobile vehicles. It is a special embedded digital hard disk recorder that integrates digital video recording, monitoring, entertainment, advertising and other functions. It must satisfy the following conditions: the ability to use on-board power supply, miniaturization, shock proof, record driving information and realize value-added. Following is a brief description of each necessary condition:

1, power supply

Vehicle-mounted DVR, which has been working in the environment of vehicles, has a high requirement for shock, dust and moisture protection. At the same time, the equipment has a wide range of adaptability to the input voltage, because the vehicle will have braking, climbing, ignition and aging of the vehicle electrical equipment in the course of driving, which will cause the output voltage of the vehicle to fluctuate in different amplitudes. Therefore, the vehicle-mounted equipment itself must have the ability of wide voltage input to adapt to the voltage change, carry out anti-electromagnetic compatibility design, and meet the technological needs. Make anti-shock and dust treatment.

2. Highly integrated miniaturization

Vehicle DVR is not simply a video recording of images, it must have rich functions to meet the requirements of modern vehicle monitoring, and can respond to various situations. Generally, the length and width of embedded digital hard disk video recorders are almost 400 mm. Because of the limited space on vehicles, the chassis is too big to be installed, such as under the seat, so the miniaturization of the machine has become a requirement that must be met. In order to facilitate the installation, such as under the seat, the length and width of the recorders are generally not more than 300 x 200 mm.

3, quakeproof

Because of the difference of vehicle condition and road condition, anti-vibration, especially the anti-seismic processing of hard disk, becomes the basic requirement of the vehicle-mounted digital hard disk video recorder. The harddisk is the most easily damaged part in the vehicle-mounted digital hard disk recorder, so we must solve the problem of vehicle-mounted shock absorber. We adopt the patented shock absorber structure with double shock absorber design of hard disk suspension and chassis suspension. Different from the structure using spring and rubber cushion as shock-proof material in the market, although it can play a certain role in the vertical direction of force, its vibration direction is irregular in the driving state, especially in the harsh road conditions, and long-term use will inevitably lead to equipment failure.

4. Traffic Information Recording Function

Traffic information recording function is divided into two parts.

(1) Driving audio and video information recording function.

(2) Vehicle speed, steering, braking and other information recording functions. Among them, the recording function of driving audio and video information can be satisfied by general on-board digital hard disk videos. The recording black box function for the information transmitted by sensors, such as vehicle speed, is the function of the more advanced on-board digital hard disk video recorder at this stage. It can accurately record the driving state of the car, such as left-turn, right-turn, brake, reverse, speed and the running state of the vehicle. Its information and stored information can be output by standard interface. Through the system analysis software, the reasonable dispatch management of vehicles can be effectively carried out, the traffic safety can be improved, and the accidents caused by vehicle violations can be reduced.

5. Implementing Value-added Media Playing Function

Whether the vehicle-mounted digital hard disk recorder can provide new value-added services, such as compiling, broadcasting advertisements and entertainment programs, while realizing the functions of recording audio and video information. This is also a new requirement for the vehicle-mounted digital hard disk recorders put forward by customers, and has become another standard for the advanced products of the vehicle-mounted digital hard disk recorders.

2. Functional Characteristics of Vehicle-mounted DVR:

1. Vehicle power supply guarantees stable operation in the wide voltage range of DC8V-32V, with DC12V output for camera operation;

2. Realize wireless remote image transmission and intelligent remote control.

3. Video playback has the highest definition up to DVD picture quality, guarantees full real-time, and can record audio and video synchronously.

4. The program segment locking function ensures that the video is not covered.

5. Bus voice station announcement function is optional.

6. Information options such as speed, steering and braking can be recorded, and route and license plate number can be input.

7. Search function by time and video segment number;

8. CD-ROM content can be directly copied to hard disk, hard disk content can also be directly copied to CD-ROM, convenient and fast;

9. Design of main board and veneer, anti-seismic treatment of chassis to ensure the effect of whole machine.

10. Special movable hard disk device, without any tools, can easily extract and install hard disk. To eliminate the previous use of computer hard disk heating, hard disk box loosening caused by the failure of IDE wires and power need to be transferred through the hard disk box;

11. Supports two hard disks with unlimited capacity.

12. Small size, easy to carry, is conducive to earthquake prevention.

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