Looking for the purest Shenzhen security vendor
Jan 28, 2019

This is the task that the boss gave me before leaving. I thought it was just a simple task, but I found it wrong afterwards.   Winter, winter. City, downtown.   “I want to find a pure local security vendor to complete a pure interview.”   "What is pure?"   "No money...."   "Please come in and talk about it."   A marketing department staff did not wait for me to finish the words, took me to their company to sit down, just when I started thinking that the task had been completed, he said coldly: "There is no pure security soul in Shenzhen, more Don't talk about anything else."   My eyes are stagnant, I am getting ready to stand up and leave. He ignores it and continues to say to me who I have never met: "In the era of capital and technological explosion, the purely independent enterprise has died out. Throughout the three-points of the security market , although the Pearl River Delta is mostly in volume, it has lost its general trend, and the focus of the Yangtze River Delta has shifted. Hangzhou has come to the fore. The traditional security enterprises in Beijing, Tianjin and the Bohai Sea are not as good as before, and AI ventures are emerging. Market competition Intensified, the security world is likely to change."   "Why do you say that the soul of Shenzhen security vendors is gone?" I slowly sat down, hoping to get effective materials to complete the task. He licked his mouthful of tea, and his voice was slightly hoarse and said: "Without him, the product can't make customers feel awe, what is the development of the performance?" To make me more understand the meaning of this sentence, he Listed the strangeness of the Shenzhen security market:   Price School: The skill tree only sells psychology, and believes that the weakness of human nature lies in greed. Belief in the price advantage can win market competition, I believe that there is no minimum business strategy, with the ability to laugh at the global security market, one of the representative works, the ex-factory price of 2 million H.265 cameras can be kept below 60 yuan;   Imitation: The skill tree is only made by hand craftsmanship. In the imitation of pursuing the craftsman spirit, whether it is the appearance of the product or the LOGO design, Haikang Dahua Yushi Keda high imitation products can come from their hands, copying is not a helpless, and Is the way to survival;   Special effects: The skill tree is blind and chaotic. The original meaning does not want to pursue a fancy flower, but it has created a lot of sensory effects for the user. For example, the instability of the product and the production inspection are not enough, and the special effects such as snowflake, malfunction, ghosts and other special effects are created for the user. The forced special effect is art...   “Is there already no normal manufacturer?” My doubts remain unanswered. Instead, he pondered for a long time before he squeezed out a paragraph from his mouth: "There has been, but it has become more and more unpopular by the above three major factions. I just want to provide services and prices that are equivalent to the service, I just want to If the company responds to the real situation of the manufacturer, it is difficult to survive. When Hikvision CEO Hu Yangzhong accepted the media, he said that he had to cook the rice in a hurry, and the small fire could make the soup. In this deformed market situation, Shenzhen Qi can be different. Scholars come out, how can there be an environment to pursue small fires and good soup, speed and passion, blood and chaos is a true portrayal of Shenzhen security."   Before I responded, he went on to say: "Traditional Shenzhen manufacturers can also be divided into "skills and trades" and "trade and industry skills". The former is more risky than the latter, so they often choose in the early stage. Trade and industry technology is the mainstay, taking the trade route. In the era of scarce products, enterprises can quickly become famous, but in the mature stage of the industry, the lack of skilled workers in Shenzhen security began to decline." I thought in my heart, This is true. It is impossible to position a manufacturer who is skilled in purchasing modules, panels, lenses, infrared lamps, casings, and tail wires as a technology manufacturer. However, in today’s homogenization, judge whether such products are good or bad. If the screw is used well, the assembly worker who is more careful does not seem to be convincing.   "The market smell of Shenzhen's manufacturers is keen. Because of this, pure security manufacturers do not exist. Under the market demand and competition, various modes of changing the soup will appear, and the short-term soldiers around the price will be connected. It is inevitable." He sighed. “More and more of my peers are starting to take their footsteps and set foot on the Southeast Asian market. I hope they can converge on the past impetuousness.”   "If you lose your best opponent, you will lose your voice and people will become lonely. Are you in this state now?" I don't know why, from the words I just said, I seem to feel a lot of sadness in the past.   "You smashed these white clouds together and scattered, scattered and gathered, life is clutching, and so on. The security in foreign countries belongs to the field of professional technology, but it seems to be a bit different in the country. Home appliances, hardware, inkjet, building materials, decoration Everyone can be safe, even in the eyes of some media, everything is safe, this is a little bit of industry dignity, this is a temperament that is unacceptable. Even more subverted, end of the industry and other words are emerging endlessly, the pace of development of an industry, not The upstream manufacturers that are driven by these people and are truly dominant will always be a big money, and their understanding of technology and service will become the language of the manufacturers or the media themselves. This may have surpassed today’s topic, so I will talk more about it."   I slowly got up and thanked him for leaving me after interviewing me today. There is only one thought in mind at the moment, maybe even if you can't see it now, you can't hear it, you can't find it, and we can't believe it. As long as you believe, there will always be a day to find.   Fang Xiao, the finger refers to the old man, the moment Fang Hua died, Tao Li Chunfeng a glass of wine, the rivers and lakes night rain ten years.   (The above content is purely fictitious. Some of the views in this article have been adapted from Shanxi Security Monitoring. "Greatly 2018, security is not worth it!" 

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