Looking for new car security market experts to diagnose GPS marketing
Jan 17, 2019

 GPS background data 
    GPS is the abbreviation of "GlobalPositioning System" or "Global Positioning System". The system was originally established by the US Department of Defense for investing more than $10 billion in its Star Wars program. Its role is to command the US military's global warships, aircraft navigation systems and Army operations. In the Gulf War, a lot of high-tech equipment emerged, and GPS Global Positioning System is the most widely used one. It is widely believed that GPS technology has fully demonstrated its power throughout the Gulf War and played a vital role in winning the war. 
    The GPS Global Positioning System is a versatile and costly project, known as the third largest space project after the Apollo spacecraft landing on the moon and after the space shuttle. During the Gulf War, the GPS system was not fully built, and the initial use has already been shown. With the complete completion of the GPS space satellite network in 1993, its application fields have been expanding. Moreover, in 1994, the United States announced that it would provide free access to GPS global positioning systems to the world within 10 years. All countries in the world are vying to use this system. 
    GPS is a global positioning, navigation and timing system consisting of 24 satellites launched by the US Department of Defense. The GPS satellite positioning system consists of three parts: the ground control station, the GPS satellite network and the GPS receiver. The ground master station implements orbit control and parameter correction for GPS satellites. The GPS satellite network transmits two frequencies of positioning navigation information to the ground, including two positioning code signals: C/A code (for civilian use worldwide) and P code (for US military use only). The GPS receiver receives the GPS satellite signal for solution, and can determine the position of the GPS receiver.
    The reason why GPS can locate navigation is because each GPS receiver can receive spatial orbit information transmitted by at least 4 GPS satellites at any time and at any position on the earth. The receiver can determine the position of the receiver by solving the positioning information of each satellite received, thereby providing high-precision three-dimensional (latitude, longitude, altitude) positioning navigation and timing system. Much different from previous positioning systems, the GPS receiver is simple, the small one is only the size of a cigarette box, weighs about 500 grams, and the price is only a few hundred dollars. Anyone with this kind of receiver can know exactly which point on the earth. The GPS receiver is a passive all-weather system that only receives signals and is not controlled by satellite systems and ground control systems. The number of users is also unlimited. 
    With the wide application of GPS receivers, GPS carriers (ie users) have not only been limited to a single independent motion carrier, but have developed into a related group. The group management department needs to know the movement of each carrier in time, and the carriers need to know each other's movement status. This requires the establishment of a GPS carrier information management system. 
    The GPS carrier information management system is a modern management method for navigation and positioning of several mobile GPS carrier users. It can make several GPS carriers form a related group, which can integrate navigation, positioning, communication, alarm, anti-theft and other functions. It is the crystallization of high-tech in the field of navigation, electronic computer and electronic technology in the 1990s. Its application has enabled modern navigation, positioning, and communication commands to enter a new space field from the routine.   
    The combination of the GPS carrier information management system is quite flexible. According to needs, it can be big or small. The base command center monitoring station can be one or multiple networks; it can be mobile or fixed, and can even be mixed network by fixed and mobile command center monitoring stations. Under normal circumstances, a base command center management system can manage hundreds of mobile GPS receiver carriers. The scope of management depends on the capabilities of the communication equipment, ranging from 50 km to 500 km. 
    Business proposal:
    Guangdong Dasantong Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the development and promotion of GPS/GSM global satellite positioning business system. The company's goal is to build a nationwide chain of motor vehicle security service networks and the largest system integrators. The company cooperates with SPACELINK in the United States to develop global satellite positioning business systems and related technology projects in Silicon Valley. SPACELINK has dozens of professional engineers, maintaining the international leading position of the technology in the same industry; in the country, the company's technical personnel in the United States Engineers support the rapid support of customer issues. All the staff of the company have received professional service awareness training from American experts, and strive to build a first-class humanized service-oriented enterprise. 
    The vehicle monitoring system includes three parts: the vehicle GPS communication terminal controller (vehicle station), the communication system, and the supervision center. Based on Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, the company has established a global public mobile communication network (GSM) (using two channels of short message and voice), geographic information system (GIS) technology and computer network technology. Mobile security and business information network. GPS is built on mobile tracking and communication processing software with powerful data processing capabilities. It is based on a rich, detailed and fully functional geographic information system. It is distributed via the Internet and integrates tracking, monitoring, positioning and alarming. Widely used in transportation, government vehicle management, public security, banking, railway, postal and rental freight industries. Due to the release through the Internet, the user usage and multi-level user confidentiality agreement are guaranteed to the utmost. 
    GPS global satellite positioning vehicle tracking system developed by Dasantong Technology Co., Ltd., combined with GPS global satellite positioning system, GIS geographic information system, GSM global mobile communication system, computer network technology, anti-theft, anti-robbery, navigation, positioning, monitoring , business information services and other functions, such as: instant automatic alarm positioning, anti-theft function, illegal mobile alarm function, emergency alarm function, collision alarm function, remote control to open air-conditioning optional function, infrared remote alarm function, language call function, business service function, The power-off and power-off remote unlock function (such as the vehicle is stolen, the monitoring center issued a command to cut off the oil and power the robbery and open/close the door to assist the police to round up the gangsters). 
    Focus issues: - Is 
       GPS currently facing marketing issues?
       - Has GPS entered a period of rapid development? 
       -Can GPS be perfectly integrated with insurance companies? 
       - How can the high-tech industry quickly build a brand? 
       - How does GPS enter the logistics system? 
       - Is GPS currently facing marketing problems? 
       - How does GPS graft the telecom mobile commerce platform? 
     Expert opinion:  
    One of the right medicines: accurate positioning of products, establish brand 
    new barriers   : accurate positioning of functions, anti-theft pay double insurance 
    Zhang Guoqing: I have two functions for GPS products: one is anti-theft, one is paying. For individual consumers, if they worry about losing a car, it is troublesome for the insurance company to pay. It takes a long time to get the car after getting the money from the insurance company. Insurance companies are more worried about the risk of paying. I hope that if the car is lost, it can be recovered, or it should be lost as little as possible. The insurance company follows a big rule that most people have reached the premium period without risk, so that they can make money. It is necessary to take the mentality of insurance companies and policyholders as the starting point of market positioning. 
    New perspective: to meet different needs, establish brand barriers   
    Liu Xuenan: As far as I know, Guangdong Dasantong has been specializing in GPS system for three years. This year's development momentum is very good, mainly because this product is close to maturity, because the big three links have developed a number of agent distribution points throughout the country, Guangdong is the first to accept GPS products.
    The development and application of GPS in China has basically shrunk in the four years from 1999 to 2002. The promotion of the automotive positioning system in the country has completed several basic tasks. First, the product system and The price system is now divided into more than 3,000, more than 6,000, and more than 8,000 series of product structures to meet the needs of consumers with different consumer needs and capabilities; second, all technical parameters have been consistent with the GSM standard; third, related Institutional organizations have indicated that they intend to cooperate with big three links, such as insurance companies and logistics companies. However, the big three companies need to quickly form a brand barrier to more stable market expansion. In the market competition, whoever has more customers has greater competitive advantages, lower cost, product vitality and technical service development. The more powerful it is. 
    Liu Haifeng: There is no real virgin land in China. If the speed is not fast enough and the technical gold content is not high enough, some products and enterprises may be difficult to survive if they encounter large-scale foreign products. The big three links should start with the system management of the enterprise. It is recommended that the enterprise implement scientific and systematic information management, and deeply understand the current situation of the enterprise, seize the time, and quickly break through. 
    The second symptom: the core advantage, professional promotion, key breakthroughs in   
    new perspectives: system demonstration and professional promotion  
    Tian Qingyou: GPS system to the Ministry of Public Security to do certification, it is recommended that enterprises to apply to the public security system for free, this demonstration effect is extremely high value. In the process of marketing, you can use the form of a press conference, invite key customers, invite experts from all fields, and use professional media to promote the system.   
    Zhang Guoqing: Now the country is building a social linkage system, and foreign countries are called emergency preparedness systems. When a crisis occurs, such as SARS, when a suspected SARS patient is found somewhere, you can mobilize resources in various areas, such as public security systems, medical care, public security, and material vehicles. After the "September 11" incident in the United States, we attached great importance to such emergencies. Our country has also increased the importance of such emergency preparedness after SARS. A very important part of this is the use of GPS systems. What I am doing is GIS. I haven't got to GPS yet. I use GPS to make a demonstration. The cost is very big. However, this is also an opportunity for GPS. On the existing basis, the company can expand its business to the application of the national system. Will definitely get more social returns. 
    New perspective: speed determines cost   
    Liu Haifeng: Three aspects of product promotion are very important. The first is speed and speed is the first. The faster the speed, the faster the future market will be established by the brand. The higher the recognition, the more the market has. The higher the share. The second is to analyze the structure of the market, individuals, car clubs, decoration, car sales, as well as car manufacturers, taxis, logistics companies, the value created for different customer groups is different, this must be clear. Third, it is necessary to carry out value-added communication with relevant institutions, and each part of the value appeal must be prepared. For the promotion and promotion of GPS products, it is recommended to conduct marketing through technical conferences, exhibitions, and exchange meetings. The market owner appeals to customers for the market of individual purchase markets, public security systems, and other professional markets, logistics companies, etc., which need to establish technical service supporting systems. Markets, different customers, develop different marketing strategies.   
    New perspective: positioning determines market positioning   
    Yang Jianbo: There are three problems in this product of the big three links that should be solved. First of all, a positioning problem involves positioning in two aspects: one is to locate the operator or the dealer, and the operator needs to locate the development direction of the operator. It is the dealer's position to be positioned as a dealer. These two properties are not the same. The second point is how to make market segmentation. For example, private cars and commercial vehicles are two different types of markets. Commercial vehicles may emphasize their business functions. The third point is to emphasize technical reliability, the service system has not kept up, and the products are It will take a short while, and after a few years of new technology, the competition will be over.   
    New perspective: Key breakthroughs in core strengths and key developments in regional effects   
    Ye Baohua: Years of technology development, massive cost building and market practices, the positioning of GPS systems in security has been particularly accurate, and other aspects of logistics are only added value. Or accessibility. The core of the product is also in the security system, to effectively solve the most practical needs of industry customers or individual users. From this foundation, we must propose a new security concept based on GPS system. The new security concept should include four core selling points in the current market conditions: one is the demonstration and establishment of the security system of the public security traffic system; the other is the security of the insurance company's individual risk insurance, that is, the insurance provided to the insurance company. The system can be mainly reflected in the loss payment of automobile insurance in the early stage; the third is to find out more about the car theft, integrate the public security and insurance industry to establish a linkage group to provide a personalized solution; and the fourth is to target the existing private car market, especially Mid-to-high-end private car users offer another new concept of “auto insurance” and form a linkage effect with insurance companies and public security systems. In terms of promotion, we can focus on starting from the high-end of the industry, or starting from the local regional market. As long as we have a good area, the company has the right to speak in a practical and feasible way, and it has the basis for display and promotion.   
    New perspective: starting from the advantages, avoid eating and eating   
    Wang Furong: For the GPS products of the big three links, there are three suggestions. The first is the competitive situation in the field of GPS. There are currently two or three hundred competitors in China, and the analysis of the competitive situation is very important. If there are certain companies that have an advantage in a certain field, then they should avoid the disadvantages or surpass the advantages. The field of GPS is very large. From the perspective of the company's corporate data, the GPS products of the three links can be market-supported in many aspects. However, as a company, no matter whether it is registered 10 million or 10 billion, it is impossible for a big three-way enterprise to determine the competitive advantage after analyzing the competitive situation. In which advantageous area, it has its own resource advantages and technology. Advantages, in which field to do; Second, GPS gives people the feeling that it is a tracking system. Now to expand the concept of GPS, it is necessary to make a good plan for the name, because the three links in the field of GPS applications have six aspects, The recommendation is biased towards one area, which is the safety and security of civilian vehicles. Third, in addition to facing the appeal of car consumers, the third way is to find a car manufacturer to bundle, because the car is now very competitive, and they hope that one of their cars is better than another brand. The car, now the function of the car is constantly increasing. Like the concept of playing ABS in the past few years, some cars have begun to play the concept of GPS. If the technical support can realize intelligent tracking, alarm, power off and anti-theft function, the car manufacturers will definitely accept it.   
    The third symptom of the right medicine: establish a demonstration terminal, strengthen the 
    new concept of the lighthouse effect   : the concept of improving personal safety and efficiency  
    Tian Qingyou: Another important selling point of the GPS system is the concept of personal protection for drivers. Take the Beijing rental industry as an example. The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games must be removed from the taxi segregation network. This has been said for many years, but it can’t be removed because the driver’s safety is not guaranteed. If the GPS system is installed. This problem can be solved, and it also has a psychological deterrent effect on car criminals. What needs to be solved at this point is the cost problem. Although there are not many 3,000 yuan, the cost is very large for the taxi driver. It is necessary to carry out comprehensive cost analysis and importance guidance for personal safety, that is, improve GPS safety. How much has been promoted in the market. Haier Logistics has 15,000 vehicles in the country, all of which are on GPS. It is mandatory for loading. All of them are informationized loading. This is more practical for drivers because they are required to be in place at the appointed time. The order must be delivered to the customer, and must be delivered within 7 days. It is easy to control and manage with the GPS system, and it is relatively simple. The big three-way company has to do one or two demonstration terminals, and it is very convincing when it is radiated down. 
    New perspective: play the role of propaganda in political marketing   
    Ning Ming: I think that Beijing is more likely to achieve GPS promotion. This issue is not a purely commercial issue. It is a political issue. Every day, Santana loses three cars in Beijing, and Santana is in Beijing one year. Lose 1000 cars. From the Traffic Management Bureau, the Public Security Bureau to the mayor is very headache. If GPS lowers the index of theft, the credit is big, the car will basically not be stolen, and it will be found after stealing. How good this is. This matter is to find relevant management departments and propose specific methods, which should be supported by government departments. 
    The right medicine for the fourth: technical details, service humanization   
    new perspective: technology humanization, detail    
    Liu Haifeng: If the technical barriers of GPS products are getting lower and lower, the market competition will definitely be fierce. Within two years, the market will become hot. The product update will definitely get faster and faster, GPS is a primary product, and the product situation will be more and more diversified. How to be more scientific, more space-saving, more beautiful, more concealed, and more diverse in the car, this will be the case for a variety of product forms. I am more in favor of high-tech marketing to use high-tech methods to open up the market, hold high and high, and help the establishment and promotion of product brands.   
    New perspective: the solution to the psychological barrier of privacy   
    Zhang Guoqing: From the perspective of consumers, there may be another problem. The global positioning system is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it involves privacy issues. Is the owner willing to let the car? Anytime, anywhere, other people monitor, such as public security, high-end income people, sometimes do not want people to know where to go, to join the GPS system can not run, the position is in the mastery of others, it becomes public information, this is a problem. In the future, can you let the user control some of them? If you want the network to know, you will open a switch, otherwise it will be turned off. This setting is actually a humanized service. If you add this type of setting to the products of the big three company, maybe Will be more competitive in the market. 
    New perspective: Specialized technology provides professional market solutions 
    Tian Qingyou: To do different professional markets, different professional positioning should be carried out, including products, prices, channels and so on. For the private car to be positioned for the private car market, a logistics system should be developed for the logistics system. For example, in the private car market, you can use the anti-theft system and other functions can be avoided. The price advantage will also be there, and the cost will drop. Many affiliated items can be avoided.

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