Long-distance car video recorder installation plan
Jan 17, 2019

 Before introducing the installation plan for long-distance car video recorders , let us pick up the relevant news headlines from the relevant websites, newspapers, and TV news: the flight attendants will not collect tickets or give fake tickets in the middle, and the passenger company will lose every car every month. Revenue 3 to 5,000 yuan; bus driver thief hand into the coin machine; Nanjing bus passengers nearly 130,000 evasion tickets; Foshan drivers drink back smashing hands; Liuzhou drivers repeatedly beaten; Urumqi drivers prompt passengers to be retaliated by thieves; “City card” stained the spot, Jinhua bus countered “black hand”; Shenzhen police took a number of measures to improve public security; Liuzhou bus company equipped with anti-smuggling youth volunteers; Taiyuan bus “smile service” was famous in the north and south. From the above news, we can find it, whether it is the passenger transport company and the bus group, or the bus or bus driver; whether it is the traffic public security department or the local government. For various criminal acts such as corruption and looting on passenger transport and public transport vehicles, various methods have been adopted, but it still causes headaches. The person in charge of the Shenzhen Traffic Public Security Bureau is quoted as saying: “Because the case of looting on the vehicle is a flow action case Passengers go up and down, and it is difficult to find a person's card after the case is filed. It is often difficult to prove that it is difficult to arrest, difficult to arrest, and difficult to convict.

     The following related news reports: Kunming public transport installed "small TV" humanized service to expand the market; labor-intensive to technology-based, Qingdao bus triggered a technological storm; most buses in Liuzhou will be equipped with "Clairvoyance" to implement real-time monitoring and operation; Technology has made Shanghai public transport "smart"; Beijing public transport will install "black box". From the above reports, we can find that the passenger transport department of various places is using technology to improve the current status of existing passenger transport buses, and strive to provide more safe, comfortable and satisfying services for tens of millions of passengers every day. With the introduction of various technologies, China's passenger transportation will become a new trend! As security personnel, we have the responsibility to provide safe, economical, more functional products and the best solutions for the majority of passenger transportation.
     As a new high-tech product, the car DVR has attracted a lot of attention in the security industry. Many dealers and engineering companies come to inquire about various functional parameters and installation methods. Extraordinarily, due to the approval of the majority of passenger transport companies, many places have entered the installation and operation phase, and telephones for consulting installation methods often appear. In order to meet the requirements of our customers, we have announced the installation plan of an es car DVR installed by a certain engineering company for a mayor company in Jiangsu and Zhejiang to seek common progress.
     I. Specific requirements of passenger transport companies: There are more than 250 long-distance buses in a long-distance passenger transport company in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Recently, 25 new luxury buses have been purchased to meet the increasing passenger demand. However, there are several problems that have plagued the company's leaders: First, some of the passengers are taking passengers on the road, collecting money, not giving tickets, or giving fake tickets. If a car is only one or two cases a day, the company will lose hundreds of dollars. Yuan, at least a loss of 3 to 5,000 yuan a month. This situation has not been effectively cured, and it has been continuously spread throughout the company. Second, in long-distance excursions, there are some contradictions and disputes between passengers, passengers and passengers from time to time, resulting in frequent complaints from companies. It is extraordinary that some passengers take away their luggage or items when they get off the bus. Because there is no strong evidence, it is impossible to solve them. The company's image is greatly affected; third, how to improve the quality of service, so that passengers can more fully meet the company's services; Fourth, how can the company's evaluation of the model work can be done better, and more able to let the staff convinced orally, fundamentally Improve the efficiency of the company and more.
     By chance, the leaders of the passenger transport company saw the car DVR. After understanding its functions, the company’s leadership team reached a consensus in a short period of time: installing a car DVR on the newly purchased 25 luxury buses. Pilot, and the following requirements for the function of the car DVR:
     1. The total length of the vehicle is 12 meters. It is divided into two front and rear doors. It is required to be able to get the passengers on and off the two doors. The passengers on the train for 15 minutes before and after the passengers get on and off and the ticket sales of the flight attendants are recorded correctly in real time, leaving no dead ends.
     2, set several levels of governance authority, the driver can not switch video or delete video data;
     3, can store more than 60 hours of video data;
     4. The management personnel can inquire about relevant video materials over time;
     5. Important video data can be backed up to other hard disks or CDs. Time stamping is required on the backup video.
     6, can record the license plate, driving route, it is best to have the speed of the speed, steering and other real-time information recording function;
     7, can change the recording mode as needed, such as continuous recording, alarm recording, timing recording, etc.;
     8. The video quality is required to be clear. The playback is able to clearly distinguish the characteristics and behavior of the agent and can be used as evidence in the court;
     9, play a variety of entertainment programs at the same time, it is best to insert ads.
     Second, the long-distance car car video recorder installation program: According to the requirements of the passenger transport company, an engineering company recommended the es-0021 two-way gprs/gsm car DVR, its functions are as follows:
     1, wide power input, to ensure stable operation within the dc8v-32v voltage range, with dc12v output for camera power. It can record, record, and synchronize audio and video for 1-4 targets.
     2, can play high-definition dvd quality entertainment commercials, video recording can be monitored at the same time.
     3. Manual recording, automatic call recording, timed recording, emergency recording, (opening, closing) alarm recording, motion detection recording, and loop recording.
     4, can arrange the video segment arbitrarily, real-time playback, manual playback, loop playback, call recovery playback, timing insertion.
     5. The video segment is locked or deleted.
     6, according to the time retrieval function, fast forward, fast rewind, pause function.
     7, can enter the record driving route, license plate number.
     8, can record speed, steering, brakes and other driving information. (option)
     9, can communicate with gps / gprs, to achieve driving positioning and image wireless transmission, mobile phone SMS alarm, manipulation and other remote intelligent manipulation. (option)
     11. Bus voice reporting function. (option)
     12, the content of the disc can be directly copied to the hard disk, the content of the hard disk can also be directly copied to the disc, saving time and convenience.
     13, with infrared wireless interface, network function, PTZ control function, Chinese and English menu.
     14, with other functions of general digital hard disk recorder
     15. Electronic anti-shock and mechanical anti-vibration secondary anti-seismic treatment to ensure the seismic performance of the whole machine. 
     16, extraordinary active hard disk device, without any tools, you can save and install hard drives. The exhaustion caused by the heat generated in the computer hard disk case and the looseness of the hard disk case has been exhausted.
     17. Supports up to two hard disks, and the capacity of the hard disk is not limited.
     18, small size, easy to install. 19, chassis size: 285mm × 240mm × 86mm 375mm × 245mm × 105mm (secondary shockproof)
     20, product series single-channel car digital hard disk recorder: total resources of 25 frames, video playback clear 604 × 576
     21, 2 road car digital hard disk recorder: total resources of 50 frames, video playback clear 352 × 576 up to 704 × 576
     22, 4-channel car digital hard disk recorder: total resources of 100 frames, video playback clear 352 × 288 up to 704 × 576
     And designed the following program:
     1. The front end adopts two large hemisphere 1/3" sonyccd, 4mm lens, 480 line color camera. One is installed at the top of the driver's position, the camera range is the front and front door of the car, and the other is installed at the top of the rear door of the car. The camera range is the rear and rear doors of the car, and the two pickups are also mounted next to the two cameras.
     2. The rear end adopts two 15” car LCD monitors, which are installed above the railings on the back of the driver's seat and the back of the back door.
     3. The car DVR is installed under the seat or on the luggage rack. Pay attention to the following points when installing: a. The car DVR needs to take power from the battery and must not directly connect to the engine; b. The car DVR must be firm. Fixed; c, car DVR can not be installed close to the engine (too hot) or can not dissipate heat, while maintaining high temperature, but also pay attention to waterproof. Two-way switch door video connection diagram: 

     4. The passenger transport company must purchase n+1 car DVRs, with “n” as the planned installation quantity and “1” as the video data used by the company to play each car.
     Third, the work of the program:
     The work after the installation work is as follows:
     1. Recording: According to the requirements of the passenger transport company, the driver starts the car, opens the door of the passengers on the car, and the video recorder of the car enters the video recording at the beginning of the video. After the passengers are closed, the car is stopped after 15 minutes of driving. The company stipulates that the passengers must sell the passenger tickets within 15 minutes after closing the door. Each video segment is self-contained as a video package and stored in the hard disk.
     2. Operation authority: The company specially sets up the administrator. The administrator has all the operating rights of the car DVR. As a operator, the driver is authorized by the administrator. Generally, the operator cannot stop recording, change the recording settings, etc., but can switch the sound of the entertainment program, and can play back the video segment and the like.
     3, advertising and entertainment: recorded advertising entertainment programs, operators can edit and play independently, you can set the time to play ads, the resolution of the program can be up to 704 × 576, the program is replaced.
     4, playback: the company or the traffic police department can get on the train at any time, ask the driver to play back the video data, check whether there are various violations such as overload, speeding, collecting money and not buying tickets. In the event of a case, the public security officer may request to play back the relevant video material to confirm the suspect.
     5. Backup: The company or other management department can go through the administrator and back up the required video segments with hard disks, CDs or networks as relevant facts.
     After the car-mounted DVR installed by the passenger company, the video section clearly recorded the disciplinary behavior of individual passengers in the ticket sales, and the company gave a penalty. Since then, the disciplinary incidents of the drivers and passengers on the vehicle with the built-in DVR have been significantly reduced, and the quality of service has risen remarkably. The video segment has clearly recorded the cases in which the criminals took away other people's things in the car and provided the case for the Public Security Bureau. The most powerful evidence; several hotels and restaurants along the way advertised in the car, the results are good; the company is now planning to install more than 250 vehicles on the car DVR.

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