It is imperative to install on-board monitoring system for networking car, and safety has become the focus of attention.
Jan 08, 2019

In recent years, the major media exposure of school buses, buses, taxis riding safety accidents is not a small number, including school bus asphyxiation, bus arson, explosion, injuries and major safety accidents are frequent occurrences. With the outbreak of the emerging market of online car booking, huge passenger traffic pours into the low threshold online car booking service market. Since its inception, the safety of online car booking has also been controversial. How to ensure the safety of driving and driving has gradually become the focus of attention of the government and the public.

The online car has gradually become a trend for people to travel. But we also see the frequent safety problems of online car booking, and the security problems that constantly occur make people's confidence in the safety of online car booking declining. Reflects the enormous problems existing in the current online car-booking platform. People need to travel safety dimension, drivers also need self-protection. Therefore, we must supervise by more effective means, more scientific intelligent technology and measures more in line with public opinion, and maintain the healthy development of an industry from all aspects.

The rigid demand for on-board monitoring equipment will be greatly increased after the online car registration is legalized. The outbreak of the online car registration market may cause another wave for the enterprises providing on-board electronic equipment. As a network car monitoring manufacturer, Teswell must consider the emergency prevention, in-process supervision and information chain evidence after the event to ensure passenger safety. With face recognition, intelligent alarm, location tracking, line offset, behavior monitoring, terminal equipment to achieve full video recording. Whether it is a driver or a passenger, as long as the alarm button is pressed, it can be triggered by the background warning.

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